Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Day 3

Here are the final 10 clues of the Gigapixel Treasure Hunt!

21. Where you go when you need fish food
22. Hippy czech flag
23. Helicopter
24 Where you can have a beer with Stelcer
25. A raven (or a type of crow anyway)
26. Pizza = mc squared
27 W‪here God can read the time from his chair in heaven‬
28. Vineyard
29. This building
30. This place

If you are starting late, here is the first set of clues and the second set of clues.

Here is the Gigapixel image itself.

Here is the Contest FAQ.

Be sure to read the Contest Rules!

Since these clues are even harder than yesterday’s clues, we’ll definitely publish hints on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. :-)

You can email your answers here:

Just to repeat the most important rules:

We will pick the FIRST person to send us in our email inbox with the MOST correct answers. So if nobody in the world knows all the answers before the deadline (11:59pm GMT, January 4, 2010) then we’ll choose the first person who sends us the highest number of correct answers.

If you send us multiple emails, you will be disqualified. Since we’ll probably have thousands of submissions, we’d like to prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary emails coming in. If you find more answers after you submit your answers, the obvious way around this rule is to send a new set of answers from a different email address.

If you can’t attach 30 files in a single email, you should get a gmail account.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them on our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Good luck!