I Believe I Can Fly (14 Airplane Cockpits)

These images are 360-degree spherical panoramas. Click on them to view interactive versions and to view author credits.

27 thoughts on “I Believe I Can Fly (14 Airplane Cockpits)

  1. @elenbaas74: The last one is “Cockpit Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ700”. Click on the image and scroll down. There is a description for that image.


  2. Anyone have any idea how the exposures are matched so well?
    Normally the windows are blown out. Just wondering how much photoshop work is required because I have access to a ton of airplanes.


  3. Chris: You might want to use multiple exposures and blend them together. Try to look up HDR or “exposure blending” tutorials on the web.


  4. Ok thanks.
    I am familiar with HDR but only in the sense of 1 framed shot with multiple exposures.
    Multiple shots with multiple exposures is where I get confused.
    Do you blend each framed shot for HDR then stitch? Would seem that each HDR would have a slightly different tone or exposure or would be difficult to match up with the next framed shot.
    Thanks all


  5. Chris, if you keep the same exposure for all shots and the same setting for the exposure blending than you should be ok. I do this with no problems.


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