How To Make Money With 360° Panoramas – Story About Karl

Who is Karl? Karl is a photographer with 360Cities. He once said: “I didn’t know I could earn money from the ads that are shown on my panoramas!” Karl then upgraded to a PRO account. Then he said: “Nice income! I wish I had known this earlier!”

Don’t make the same mistake that Karl did! Become a PRO and be like Willy, who is making more than a 100 EUR (~$144) using his PRO account each month!

How much can I make with my own panoramas?
It depends. Based on the data we’ve got available from a non-representative sample of our PRO members, you could be making tens or hundreds of dollars or euros per year.

What exactly do I need to do to start earning ad revenue with my panoramas?
1. Upgrade to PRO
2. Sign up for AdSense
3. Enter your Adsense publisher ID in your account settings
4. Sit back and relax while we start showing ads on your panoramas and you start getting all the revenue.

Frequently asked question: I’m already using the 100% ad revenue program for PRO photographers. How can I increase my ad revenue?
When talking about online advertising there are no sure rules, but some guidelines may help you increase the ad revenue that your panoramas generate in 360Cities:
– Upload more panoramas
– Improve your titles and descriptions (provide enough relevant text to improve the ranking of the panorama in search engines and to get better targeted ads)
– Use good tags (ensures your panoramas will be seen)
– Make sure your panoramas are interesting to look at (and to share…)
– Upload panoramas from unique locations where nobody has taken a panorama before
– Be featured in media, blogs, etc.