Archive for December, 2009 just announced that they’ve introduced payment by credit card for prints.

This has been much in demand from many Fotomoto users, including us, so it’s good news. It should make it easier for people to decide to complete their purchases once begun.

As many of you know, Fotomoto is our partner for printing and shipping high quality photo prints of many 360 Cities images (example). If you’re a member of 360 Cities you can opt to have your panoramas available for sale as prints by going here and choosing ‘yes’. You’ll find details of how it works there, too.

All Major Credit Cards Are Accepted Here!

All Major Credit Cards Are Accepted Here!

Centrum FotoSkoda, an established store for photographers and movie-makers and a cultural center in Czech Republic, just published an interactive virtual tour created using 360 Cities Immersive Tour Widget. It features 6 interactive floor plans and 19 panoramas and it was easily embedded into FotoSkoda website thanks to the 360 Cities Immersive Tour Widget technology using a single line of code. That meant less work for FotoSkoda because 360 Cities takes care of all hosting and technical implementation.

We are proud to host such an interesting virtual tour and we like the way it increases the quality of the FotoSkoda website for their visitors. Thank you FotoSkoda for choosing 360 Cities!

Click on the images below to explore the interactive virtual tour:

FotoSkoda Virtual Tour

FotoSkoda Virtual Tour (click the image to view interactive version)

FotoSkoda Virtual Tour

FotoSkoda Virtual Tour (click the image to view interactive version)

Visit our site to find out more about our Immersive Tour Widget product.

Leif Nygaard Eilertsen just published three panoramas from the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Conference.

This panorama was taken on Højbro Plads (square), where an 8,5 meter high and 11 meter wide rock-like sculpture can be seen close to the “climacamp” of the scouts.

COP15 Copenhagen Amagertorv Evening 20091214 in Copenhagen

The town hall square of Copenhagen, taken on an early, cold evening, where everybody was occupied by demonstrations or other important tasks.

COP15 Copenhagen Town Hall Exhibition 20091214 in Copenhagen

The exhibition at the town hall square is dominated by the multi-media globe and the green/yellow exhibitions surrounding it.

COP15 Copenhagen Town Hall Evening 20091214 in Copenhagen

If you like these, you can see lots of other panoramas by Leif Nygaard Eilertsen.

We have had a number of requests to have more evidence of “what’s going on right now” on the 360Cities site. (I remember Ralph Roeske’s request most clearly…) So, as part of our effort to give our returning visitors more good stuff to enjoy, we have created the “Recent Activity” page. This page (currently not linked from anywhere on the site but that will change soon) shows what’s happening RIGHT NOW on the site! Now you can see new stuff every few minutes, as it comes in.  Here is a screenshot:

Recent activity on 360 Cities

The page shows a few things: new panoramas as they are published (of course); panoramas that receive more than X visits (5000, 100,000 etc.); new areas; new authors; freshly embedded panoramas, including the site where they have been embedded… It’s a really enjoyable page. Enjoy!

Erik Krause, an early pioneer of digitally stitched panoramic photography, just published a fantastic gigapixel panorama from the Swiss Alps. Not only is it an enormous image — he also shot it handheld, without a tripod, and at 3 different focal lengths, and from four different perspectives (in order to avoid the big cross in the middle of the summit) and he got them all to fit together. An appropriate analogy for you non-photographers out there – you can compare this feat to having 10 people show up at your house uninvited, and with only the leftovers from your fridge and a single frying pan, you cook a 5-course gourmet meal for them. Or something like that 🙂

Be sure to click “fullscreen”!

Sidelhorn (2764m) gigapixel version in Switzerland

You can check out more gigapixel panoramas if you’re interested.

Update: You can read another post about this panorama in German, by Thomas Bredenfield.

Here are some men from somewhere far, far away. They don’t come from the UAE or the Middle East. They might live in a room with 12 other people. Maybe their boss took their passports away and won’t give them back. Maybe they were promised a better life, and lots of money that they could send home. Men like this are the ones who have built all the skyscrapers in Dubai. You can find plenty of heated articles about these people. If you’re interested in reading more, the Guardian has one of many articles about construction workers in Dubai.

Abudhabiunderconstruction5 in United Arab Emirates

Another cool panorama from Ramin Dehdashti.

From his description: “Pigeon towers represent one of the most remarkable examples of eccentricity in Iranian architecture. They are found in vast numbers round Isfahan and date from the time of the Safavids. The pigeon towers were built to attract pigeons to them, so that they would nest in the top and their dung would fall to the bottom.”

The Azar Bahram Pigeon Tower in Isfahan

Here is another beautiful panorama by Ramin Dehdashti. His panoramas are among my favorites on 360Cities – partly due to the fact that the places he shoots are so exotic to me, and partly because he is a fine photographer.

An old Iranian House in Isfahan

We’re pleased to announce that we recently began offering our Immersive Tours via graphic design studio lucidCircus, who is active on both the U.S. and European markets – press release.  We’re excited about the opportunity to have our Immersive Tours included in some of lucidCircus’s creative web projects.

lucidCircus and 360 Cities combine efforts

lucidCircus and 360 Cities combine efforts

If you are interested in partnering with 360 Cities, please read this and contact us.

If you’re feeling too crowded, then take a trip to the desert in Bolivia.

Be sure to click the FULLSCREEN button 🙂

Salar Uyuni in South America