Riding the real-time hype: our “Recent Activity” page

We have had a number of requests to have more evidence of “what’s going on right now” on the 360Cities site. (I remember Ralph Roeske’s request most clearly…) So, as part of our effort to give our returning visitors more good stuff to enjoy, we have created the “Recent Activity” page. This page (currently not linked from anywhere on the site but that will change soon) shows what’s happening RIGHT NOW on the site! Now you can see new stuff every few minutes, as it comes in.  Here is a screenshot:

Recent activity on 360 Cities

The page shows a few things: new panoramas as they are published (of course); panoramas that receive more than X visits (5000, 100,000 etc.); new areas; new authors; freshly embedded panoramas, including the site where they have been embedded… It’s a really enjoyable page. Enjoy!

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