Ready, set, go! The competition for panoramic photography equipment has started!

The time has come. The biggest competition in the history of 360 Cities has started.

There are prizes worth more than $1400 (US dollars). This is only possible thanks to Bill from Nodal Ninja(panoramic tripod heads and accessories), Joost from PtGUI (panoramic photo stitching software) who are the sponsors of the competition. The fisheye lens prize is sponsored by 360 Cities.

How to Win – Rules Summary

– The competition has two stages – the prizes for the first stage are the Fishseye lens and a PTGui Pro licence, for the second stage it will be the Nodal Ninja panoramic head and leveler and the second PTGui Pro license

– Each stage has a theme – the theme for the first stage is NATURE

– After each stage, first and second place prizes are awarded

– First prize is for most points during the stage (1 point per panorama, Max. points for uploading panoramas: 50, 4 points per new member referred to 360 Cities)

– Second prize winner is selected randomly from all participants

– A participant is anyone who publishes 4 or more panos or brings a new member to 360 Cities. Double your chances by doing both

Read about the prizes and complete rules at our Tour de 360 Cities Help Center page

6 thoughts on “Ready, set, go! The competition for panoramic photography equipment has started!

    1. Hi Joe

      Anybody who uploads at least 4 panoramas or gets a new member to join 360 cities has entered the contest automatically.

      Whoever gets the most points in each stage will win the main prize (the fisheye lens in the first stage and Nodal Ninja gear in the second stage).

      Second winner in each stage will be be chosen randomly from all people in the competition.

      Full rules here


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