The Most Fascinating Nature Panoramas in Our Competition So Far

This is a thank you to all AWESOME people who upload the wonderful panoramas of NATURE to 360 Cities!

Now this is just a tip of an iceberg. There are new submissions every hour, which is obviously too much for this blog. Therefore we decided to share with you what seem to be the most amazing submissions so far.

All panoramas you can see below represent 1 point for the author in the competition. You need to get at least 4 points to enter the draw for the PTGui Pro license. The participant who get’s the most points will win the main prize for this stage, which is Samyang f3.5 8mm lens. The next stage of the competition is starting December 2nd and it’s going to be even more exciting. The main prize will be a Nodal Ninja panoramic head and EZ-leveler and the second prize another PTGUI Pro license! To enter the competition just upload panoramas to 360 Cities. The theme for the first stage is NATURE and the theme for the second stage will be announced when the stage starts. Read the more about the prizes and rules of the competition.
Falasarna Lagoun in Chania
Pierres moussues à Comper in France
Chenuis Falls in USA
березовая роща пгт. Комсомольский in Ukraine
Bamburgh Dunes in England
chateau Pointe de Dinan C18 in Cornouaille

Read more about the competition here: Tour de 360 Cities Panorama Competition

4 thoughts on “The Most Fascinating Nature Panoramas in Our Competition So Far

    1. Hi Michael, nice panorama. However only new panoramas count. That means any panorama that you upload and publish during the competition. Panoramas that are already published cannot be used.


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