New street-level panoramas in Sweden

Ludvig Emgård of C3 Technologies has informed me that they have released some new street-level panoramas of Stockholm and other cities. Click on the preceeding link – when you’re there, choose “Gatuvy” to see the street-level panoramas, then you can select the city:

Picture 393

Here is a screenshot of the imagery in action:

Picture 394

As you can see, the colors and exposure are pretty nice. The UI is also good, incorporating a lot of what seem to be standard UI elements of street-level panoramic imagery: highlighted streets, viewing beacon, and a dial to turn around. There is also a “pancake” kind of cursor, like in Google streetview – when you’re moving your mouse over the image, a circle shows whether you are moving over ground or walls. This means that in addition to photographic data, some 3d data has been captured as well. Whether this 3d data has been derived from laser scanners or from the images themselves, I’m not sure. You can see from the shadow of the camera rig that it’s not quite as massive as the Google camera rig, which does have 3d scanners on it.

What I don’t like about the overall experience on is the panoramic image viewer itself – the panning is far from smooth, and the image itself is very aliased (blocky) when moving around. (Maybe they should use krpano instead…) Overall though, this looks very good!

I met Ludvig Emgård at the Where 2.0 Conference earlier this year. This very friendly giant Swedish fellow was showing off another innovation by C3 – photorealistic 3d models created automatically from aerial imagery. Here is the link to see Oslo in 3d. Really impressive stuff!

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