Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – win $1000!

Can you find 30 things in our 18 gigapixel panorama? Easy, right? Just find them, be the first one to tell us the answer, and you’ll win $1000.

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Update: here are the first, second, and third sets of clues.

prague 18 gigapixels - zoomed in

Here are some details: The contest starts on Monday, December 21, 2009 at 12 noon GMT. We thought we’d give you a couple of days to look at the image and get ready… On Monday, we’ll announce the first ten clues. We’ll announce ten more the next day, and ten more the day after that. When you have all the answers (or as many as you can get) mail us your answer, and if you’re the first one with the correct answers, you win $1000. One thousand dollars is a lot, so to increase your chances of winning, you might want to ask your friends to help you? The internet is full of handy ways of talking to lots of people at once, so we’ll let you use your imagination. Please read the full contest rules. We’ll publish a Contest FAQ also, very soon. Good luck! 🙂 prague 18 gigapixels - zoomed out

23 thoughts on “Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – win $1000!

  1. The rules state contestants will send ALL 30 saved screenshots at one time through an email. Some email providers limit the number of attachments to an email and what size are these going to get to given the high res image and what about restrictions on size of email by some providers? May not be an issue for some, but it may well be for others.


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