Take a Breathtaking Virtual Tour of Tikal Mayan Ruins, Guatemala

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Tikal. To start a tour, click on one of the blue pins on the map below.

Imagine your are in Guatemala and that you are just visiting Tikal, the ruins of one of the largest cities the great Maya civilization has ever built. The site so extraordinary that it was chosen by George Lucas as one of the filming locations for Yavin 4 in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. There are literally thousands of buildings everywhere around you in the jungle, still waiting to be discovered. You can feel the energy in the air, the breeze of the wind in the trees is almost like shamans whispering ancient secrets to everybody who is willing to listen.

Start your tour at Acopolis del Norte, in front of Gran Plaza in Tikal. There is a hundred of structure just on this single plaza. The most magnificient Templo I (The Temple of Grand Jaguar) can be seen on the left side of the plaza and Templo II (The Temple of Masks) to the right. Feel free to climb on the Templo II, it guarantees a satisfying view of the plaza and of the Templo I.

Screenshot of the Tikal virtual tour

Just about 10 minutes of walk from here you will find the 58 meters (190 foot) high Templo V. If you dare to climb the steep stairs it will reward you with an amazing view of the surrounding jungle. For those not so brave, you can take a look at the shelter next to the temple, which has pictures of how the temple looked when it was found by the archaeologists for the first time.

From here you can either go to take a walk to a nearby ceiba tree, the national tree of Guatemala, or go to the Templo IV in the west, which offers another breathtaking view of the Gran Plaza. Now, without further do, enter the virtual tour yourself by clicking on one of the blue pins:

(Click to open the tour in a new window)

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7 thoughts on “Take a Breathtaking Virtual Tour of Tikal Mayan Ruins, Guatemala

    1. Thanks for noticing. We’ll investigate the issue – there is some incompability with wordpress which runs our blog and the tour. Temporarily, I replaced the tour with a screenshot that you have to click to open the actual tour.


  1. Probably just me, but the Prague project spoiled me for being able to zoom in for more detail. The lower res pics disappoint. Also the time of day needs to be dealt with because of the shadows that kill the visibility. I guess a tripod would need to be set up or a point to come back to as the sun moves across so the buildings are lit properly. Shooters are going to need to invest time to get a good pic.


  2. Very informative post. National park in Guatemala and Tikal National Park is the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Unearthed Tombs 19 and 23 depicted remnants of high standing nobles from central Mexico flanked by symbols of high status like pottery with effigy lids, plates, jade beads having carvings of miniature face and skulls, specially woven cloth mattress. For more details refer http://www.journeyidea.com/rio-azul-lost-maya-city-part-ii/


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