Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Answers (part two)

The Gigapixel Treasure Hunt is now finished. For those of you who missed it, we released the world’s largest 360 panorama and gave 30 clues which people had to find, and send to us. The first person to send us the highest number of correct answers wins $1000.

Here is the second set of clues, revealed. You can see the first set, if you missed it.

11. “Pat & Mat” at work, up there
Wow! There were at least SIX “Pat & Mat” figures in the Gigapixel image! Here is one of them:
For those who don’t know, or don’t want to search google for “pat and mat“, they are a couple of characters on children’s TV – adorable guys who build stuff.

12. A driving range
The nearest driving range to the TV Tower (that I know of anyway) is located on Libeňský ostrov (Libensky Island) over in the north.

13. A water tower being beautified
Water towers in Central Europe don’t look like their USA counterparts. Here, they’re fancy, full of rooms, and overall very neat. I would love to live in one of these:

14. A “gentleman’s nightclub”
I wanted to be tactful as we try to be family-friendly. Yes I was talking about a brothel. They seem to be somewhat semi-legal in Prague so it’s not too hard to guess.

15. A clock that’s wrong
This one was not as tricky as some people suggested. The picture was NOT taken between 11am and 3pm as I suggested – I actually finished more like 4:45pm. I suggested in one of my hints that the photo was taken in October, meaning the time on certain clocks would have to be wrong, because it would already be dark outside:

16. A sphere (no, NOT the spherical image itself)
Somebody did right-click on the panorama and select “little planet”, and made a screenshot. Sorry! Here is the sphere:

17. A chairlift
There is a chairlift at Prague Zoo. This might be discovered by a web or image search.

18. A bulls-eye and cross-hairs

19. A female pink face on a window
There were a few of these. Here is one example:

20. A square and a triangle next to each other (in a field)
This one required some searching. Some people mistook the “field” part of the clue. Others mistook “square” for “rectangle”. This was one answer provided by a few people.

While it’s a good try, after speaking to a few other people about it to get some objective opinions, this is NOT a correct answer:

Here is the correct answer:

So, that’s the second set of answers.

We’ll give the third set of answers very soon, and then we’ll announce the winner!

19 thoughts on “Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Answers (part two)

  1. The “correct” answer for the square next to a triangle is just as wrong as the first answer. If you look closely it is also rectangular in shape.


  2. In the first “incorrect” image, above the sports court, there is a square frame around the sand box. I would say that this is more of a correct answer for the square and triangle in a field. That was my interpretation anyway. So this wouldn’t count Jeffery?


    1. Hi Adam,

      Again, I did ask a few other people about this. No, it wouldn’t. Because the clue specifies “in a field”. Not in a park. A patch of grass is not a field. While this could become a discussion about semantics, I hope it doesn’t.

      Without qualifying it as “in a field”, then yes, this answer would be considered correct.


      1. This is fun… Doesn’t it appear that the “correct image” is on the side of a “Field” and not in it?


  3. For arguments sake, regarding the sphere, because you can’t see the bottom, then it is an assumption that it is a complete sphere. I originally had this picture, but changed it because you can’t see the bottom of it.


    1. Hi Adam,

      🙂 But it’s not possible to see the botom ANY sphere!
      Unless you are inside the sphere. In that case, the only answer could be “this spherical image”. But I was sure to specify that it’s not the answer we’re looking for.

      But yes you’re correct, you can only assume whether an image of a sphere is in fact really a sphere – being only an image, you can’t see behind it. Considering the sphere in the answer is a construction, and attached to the earth, then you would be technically correct that it’s not a sphere. Be that as it may, this is the answer…


      1. Well, I’m sure my answer would count. It’s one of the sphere’s on the four corners of the building that holds the large clock.


  4. damn
    i got a picture with a real Pat statue, i don’t see a pat&mat on the first picture.
    and the square and triangle clue is really tricky
    i am wondering if anyone got over 25 clues right!!!!!


  5. I found that bullseye image but skipped it because I didn’t see any crosshairs. If only I looked at the building near it! I did find a window that had a bullseye and crosshair design to it.


  6. I don’t think any of the other pink faces I saw fit exactly to the definition of “a female pink face on a window” as well as the example you provided.


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