Jiri Kepka is the Winner

Jiří Kepka is the winner of the 360 Cities Gigapixel Treasure Hunt. Congratulations, Jiří!
Jiří got 29 out of 30 questions correct. He was the first to do so.

For those of you who missed it, we released the world’s largest 360 panorama and gave 30 clues which people had to find, and send to us. The first person to send us the highest number of correct answers wins $1000.

You can see the first set, the second set, and the third set of answers, if you missed them.

I wish that we could give out more prizes, but we can’t – $1000 is a lot, and I’m happy that somebody won. I am surprised that no one got all 30 answers right, though!

Was the competition perfect? Certainly not. But considering the number and quality of the answers submitted, I think it was just about the right level of difficulty, considering the prize.

When will be the next competition? We’re not sure yet. But there will be 🙂

What was your opinion of the competition overall? What went well, and what you change if you were the boss?

10 thoughts on “Jiri Kepka is the Winner

    1. Did you check all three set of clues and explanations? Jeff spent a lot of time checking the answers and making sure we got the evaluation right. If you want, you can post here the name under which you sent your answers (there is nobody named Merinos in our records) and we will reply with the clue(s) you didn’t get right.


    1. Hi Alz,

      Jiri missed the “square and triangle next to each other (in a field)” clue.

      Yes, he’s from Czech – a few miles away from 360Cities headquarters in fact.

      Honestly I’m sad about this, I’d prefer if the winner was in Tierra del Fuego or Guizu or somewhere far away, unknown, exotic. But my congratulations goes out to Jiri anyway 🙂 🙂



    2. Thanks and sorry about your dissappointment jeffrey, put bigger prize money next time an i’ll move somewhere else, exotic 😀


  1. Hi,

    is it possible to make some screenshots with
    numbered arrows or circles who indicate the places where all the clues can be found?
    I hope I’m not asking to much ….

    I really enjoyed it even though after the third round it was clear to me that I couldn’t win
    the contest. 25 was to low I knew.

    I hope you will consider my request and I’m looking forward to the next one.
    Even without the $ 1.000,00 😉

    The Netherlands.


  2. I ended up missing 6 total. Even though I didn’t win I still had a ton of fun trying to find the answers. Very challenging but very fun. I’m definitely looking forward to another one.


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