Tin House in Gamalakhe Tintown

John Gore published some fascinating panoramas from Gamalakhe Tintown in Margate, South Africa. From the panorama page,

“This is a typical Tin House after which this area of Gamalakhe township got its name: Tin Town. Originally erected as temporary housing for these displaced people, these tin houses have become permanent residences for over 20 years. This home owner has been fortunate enough to now have a brick house as well, but the old tin structure is still used as a residency.”

There is so much life in this image. It is the antithesis of luxury and yet it has everything someone would need – a bed, a fridge, a stove, a roof. The radio, next to the stove, looks just like the one I have in my kitchen. The fridge also looks very similar. It’s amazing how some types of technology have been completely commoditized.

If I look up, I can almost feel the heat radiating from that metal ceiling….

Tin House in Gamalakhe Tintown in Margate

2 thoughts on “Tin House in Gamalakhe Tintown

  1. John Gore should really invent a new matching nadir logo for panos like this 🙂 The logo is clearly the most fancy thing in the pano 🙂


  2. Hi guys, Glad you enjoyed he pano! 🙂

    @Jan – I think you may be right about that logo thing. Maybe I should make a rusty, old, faded logo to match these types of panos. 🙂

    FYI: Recently went to Kruger National Park, and took a bunch of interesting panos. Will upload them soon (just having connectivity problems at the moment. ;'( )


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