What’s Been Keeping Us Busy – Business Panoramas

We’ve got quite a big plans to show businesses on the 360 Cities site. Let us share some of them.

Most of our member photographers have already noticed that we only allow the 360 Cities PRO account members to publish business panoramas. We review every single of your published panoramas and we do not allow publishing of business panos if you don’t have a PRO account. Therefore you might have thought that it’s actually a bad thing for you when your panorama gets reviewed as business. Well, think again.

Today I’m going to show you the first three things how we are actually planning to make it useful for you if a pano gets reviewed as business. The good news is that these features are going to happen very soon, some of them are already live on the site.

Popular businesses in the footer

The most popular business panoramas are shown in the footer of all 360cities.net pages. The popularity is currently based on the number of views of the panoramas.

This feature is currently live.

Business panoramas on the homepage

The place where you now see Editor’s Picks, Most Recent and Most Popular tabs on the homepage is soon going to contain the most popular business panoramas on 360 Cities.

This feature will go live probably next week.

Better SEO for PRO accounts (no nofollow attribute)

You probably want the best possible SEO juice for your business panoramas. If you put a link into the description of one of your panoramas then we currently place a rel=”nofollow” attribute in it, which means that the search engines do not value the link as much. Now for PRO accounts, the attribute is going to be removed so everybody who owns a 360 Cities PRO account can enjoy the full SEO juice for that link. Always remember to write long and original descriptions, though. That ensures your panorama is found by search engines because they don’t see the content of the panorama and there is almost nothing else on the page. The more visibility and the better pagerank for your panorama pages, the more SEO juice your links will get.

This feature will go live probably next week.

PRO account badges on images and profile pages

We’ve been asked for this many times and we’ll soon have it. Every panorama published by a PRO account(business or otherwise) will get a PRO badge to show the status of the photographer. The PRO badge will also appear on the home page, in the recent activity page, etc. Basically everywhere where the photographer’s name appears.

360 Cities PRO Account Badge

It has not been decided when this feature will go live.


Yes, there will be more, including promoting the business panoramas more on the map, show-casting PRO photographers and business panoramas on various parts of the site, etc. Give us some time to figure out how to do it properly and stay tuned.

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