360 Cities is now in the Photos Layer of Google Earth

We are very happy to announce that 360 Cities has moved from the “Gallery” layer in Google Earth to the new “Photos” layer. This layer is new, and contains images by both Panoramio and 360 Cities. It is also switched on by default, which means that our images will be available to a larger audience than before!

To view the Photos layer, make sure that you have it selected in the sidebar in Google Earth, as you see in this screenshot:

Then, go anywhere in the world… Panoramio photos are the blue squares and 360 Cities panoramas are the red squares. Sometimes there are lots of each kind, like here:



Easter Island (Rapa Nui)


Sometimes (but admittedly not so often) you’ll see only the red squares, such as with Matt Nolan’s panoramas from McCall Glacier and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

So, happy exploring. We are really excited about this new development, most of all because we know how many more people out there we can inspire to make panoramic photos themselves, and publish them on 360 Cities and Google Earth!

36 thoughts on “360 Cities is now in the Photos Layer of Google Earth

  1. Wow, among all those blue ones those red squares are just screaming “Click me”. Better start cooling those servers at 360Cities!


  2. WOW…. Cool ! More and more peoples will know more about VR photography and this will bring the World even more closer !


  3. The great red spots where more visible than the little red squares. But being treated on the same level as panoramio is a great success. I hope all we Pano-Photographers will get more hits on our pics.


  4. Very Nice! I have noticed that when zooming in on an area, Google Earth first shows the red squares before the blue ones become visible. Also the red circles are still available when checking 360 Cities in the Gallery folder. This is all very flattering. Thank you to whomever made this happen.
    Tom Sadowski


  5. That’s fine, congratulations to Jeffrey and the whole 360Cities team!!!

    Another point: Google offers 360° tours of shops with no costs to the owners. Are there any links to these tours available?


  6. Well… everybody seems to be happy with this change. I agree that the change of “level” is good, namely because now we appear by default. I’m not so sure about the little red square… between dozens of blue ones. I think that the big red circle gave us much more visibility and identity. But… as long as it remains available on Gallery… fine.


  7. It’s just awesome. Waiting for this for months!!!
    Am sure, this will make our life much easier! Keep up the good work. Now waiting for the UAE full Street View version in GoogleEarth.
    Kudos to 360Emirates team!


  8. I felt very good team in the 360 cities in the automatic Google earth start has caused the image displayed ia m very like thank you very much the 360 cities taem


  9. Congratulations to you on this proposal, most of the truly remarkable

    But had several questions:
    1 – What does your site location http://www.panomonkey.Com?
    2 – Will I receive any message from you in case there is any error in the image?
    3 – Please attach a picture of how to download photos from your web site of the first and even the other
    Thank you for your cooperation


  10. wonderful seen, I have of one of the most interesting churches
    in Kiew.
    BUt there is a lot of great construtions in Russia.


  11. it is fantastic and I congragulation you . well done . you are really a man in world thanks. I have conecte
    d from IRAN phone numbre 0098915-110-6905


  12. bence de 360 cities çok güzel, hatta mükemmel bişey. Fakat ben buraya nasıl fotoğraf gönderilir bilemiyorum. Bu konuda bana yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim.


  13. It would be great if the Panoramio and 360 Cities photos were split into two sub-layers, so as to avoid the clutter that appear in many places now.


  14. Apparently I am a member of 360.net. It is undoubtedly a free account as I know I have not paid out any money.
    I do not recall which password I used and the one I normally use is not acceptable to you.
    When I click on ‘forgot my password’ I am informed that I do not have an account.
    When I then attempt to create a ‘new account’ I am informed that there is already an account under that email address.
    There is obviously an error somewhere as all email addresses are unique in themselves an that is mine.
    I now would like to start creating Panoramics so it is imperative that I get clarification of my status.
    Kind regards


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