The Answers to the 1st London Gigapixel Treasure Hunt!

Finally, we have picked ten winners of the first London Gigapixel Treasure Hunt. These skillful folks combed one of the largest 360º panoramas ever made, and found ten clues. For that, they win an awesome bag from our sponsor, Crumpler.

Update January 17th: We now finally have the list of 10 winners and we’ll be sending out prizes beginning this week!

The WINNER – Clare Croker wins Crumpler Muffin Top Full Photo Bag

Russ Aubin wins Muffin Top 4000 Bag (9/10 answers correct)

Adam Dreller wins Muffin Top 4000 Bag (8/10 answers)

Volker Neumann wins Jimmy Bo 400 Cross-Shoulder or Waist Bag (8/10 answers correct but received after Adam)

Neil Watkins (seen here enjoying a cocktail at Glastonbury Festival) wins Jimmy Bo 400 Cross-Shoulder or Waist Bag (7/10 answers)

Thomas Re wins The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bag (7/10 answers)

Robert Powell (who, apparently, happens to work for the Empire, but I guess we’ll send him a Crumpler bag anyway) wins The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bag (7/10 answers)

Vladislav Shushakov wins The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bag (7/10 answers)

Stanislav Valter, 7/10 answers, The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bag

Lucia Ďuríčková, 6/10 answers, The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bag

It was not an easy treasure hunt, but hey, it wouldn’t be a “hunt” if it was easy, would it? 🙂

Here are the answers to the clues:

1. Fat Boy Slim’s Chair – This one, I thought, was fairly easy… It’s a chair that says “Fat Boy Slim”. A few people sent in a chair on a roof that was double-size – a chair for “fat boys” one could say. Sorry, but that one wasn’t accepted. Here is the chair (there is another chair a few meters away from this one which we accepted as well):

2. Freddie Mercury – This one was a bit cheeky. Way down near the bottom of the panorama. Just across the street from where the panorama was shot, in fact. It’s a musical called “We Will Rock You” and outside the theater is a huge golden statue of Freddie Mercury.

3. Mechanical Spiders

Ok, I’m sorry – this one was a bit too difficult/vague…

The “mechanical spiders” that I had in mind were these 8-pronged things. By the way, if anyone can enlighten me about what they really are, I’m curious to know (it seems to be some kind of panoramic security camera!)

Only one person did find these. And even I had trouble finding them again!

So, as a result of my buffoonery over this clue, we have decided that it is only in the spirit of fun to accept other mechanical spiders. Even if they don’t have eight “legs”… since the creatures above dont’ really have legs to speak of at all but rather prongs, or something…

This is what many people submitted, and we did accept it as sufficiently spider-like:

4. Topless olympic torch – This clue had probably the most different guesses. By “topless” I did mean the mammary organs of a woman (boobs) combined with an “olympic torch” – not an olympic stadium, or a giant (extinguished) torch (although it was tempting to accept this clue also – as it stands, it wouldn’t have affected the winners).

5. One leg purple, one leg green – See her?

6. Spiderman’s basement – Peter Parker, as everybody knows, is Spiderman. And here is his subterranean abode:

7. Washing up – There were also a couple views of only dirty dishes, which was ok. Here was the clue I originally had in mind:

8. Who you will call when you are trapped inside of a washing machine – This was my favorite clue. A definite “WTF” clue, until you see it, and then it is really obvious:

9. British passport – There were two acceptable answers to this: the giant image of a passport in a window, and the coat of arms on the facade of Buckingham Palace.

10. Victorian milk – This was tricky. But again, once you see it, it is probably quite clear.

Congratulations to the winners!

5 thoughts on “The Answers to the 1st London Gigapixel Treasure Hunt!

  1. I found another “mechanical spider” the same as the 3 you show, but with a blue top, also I think i remeber finding a black one too, but I cant find it now.


  2. The 8 legged items that were expected to be submitted are actually land survey instruments being use for the near by construction project. Leica survey instrument i believe. In my opinion have nothing to do with a spider. The orange lift on the other hand, is actually called a spider if you google it.


  3. For me those white spiders is better as answer. They are more looks like spiders, rather then orange one. And the clue was about 3 spiders. Did you found another 2 orange lifts or something? 🙂 Any way I was late to participate in Treasure hunt, but I would have chosen them if I could. Congratulations to the winners! Well done!


  4. The blog post is now updated with the list of prizes and final list of winners. Congratulations to winners and everybody else thank you for playing!


  5. “By the way, if anyone can enlighten me about what they really are, I’m curious to know (it seems to be some kind of panoramic security camera!)”

    I belive that Adam Dreller is correct..
    My fisrt thought was that it looked like one of them fancy new horisontal wind turbin 🙂


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