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Flat photos are boring. It’s far better these days to offer an immersive spherical panorama of your store, restaurant, event or business. Flat photos hide stuff, and don’t really allow you to see fully what is going on. If you are like most businesses and entrepreneurs, you want to show EVERYTHING you’ve got including those awesome little details that you are so proud of. And you want to be transparent and honest. You get what you see in spherical panoramas. And that’s the way customers like it.


Creating immersive spherical panoramas is affordable these days.  You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment. You can take any camera, go out there and capture a panorama. Expensive stuff is for high-end professionals who need all the extra features, but it’s not really needed to create attractive content. You really can get away with a $300 camera and a $300 lens and create breathtaking imagery. Some people even use camera phones if you are ok with moderate quality .

360 Cities Image Page
360 Cities Image Page


These days, it’s a sin to spend time at a computer when the software could be doing the work for you. And it does. There is a myriad of tools available that take your images and with a single click of a button make all necessary adjustments for you. For some ideas, look at our guide on How To Get Started on Panoramic Photography.

So, here are top three reasons why you, too, should start creating immersive spherical photography and sharing the results on, the largest panoramic photography website:

1. PRO account members upload immersive panoramas for their clients

360 Cities allows you to view your images at their best, including on iPad, iPhone and Android phones. Many photographers who use our PRO account use this bonus in their sales pitch. In fact, in many cases, it’s the mention of publication on 360 Cities that gets many of their clients going. One of the reasons is our high SEO ranking.

>360 Cities Profile Page

Panoramas of a business on 360 Cities often rank better in Google than the business’s own website. Where this is the case, we simply recommend placing a link to the business’s homepage in the description of the panorama :). This magic-seeming SEO optimization is actually the result of the hard work of our developers and constant tweaking every month.

2. Show your 360 Cities profile page

Your profile page shows all your exclusive content globally – in other words, it’s your own personal portfolio on 360 Cities. For an example, click here. Some photographers even use this page as a redirect from their home page. This is all a big time savings for you and helps you to create nice panoramas to add to your collection.

Our platform completely automates the process of publishing panoramas to the 360 Cities world map. It does everything from creating many different image versions and sizes on the fly, to placing the image properly on the map while giving you many controls and settings to adjust if you need to. And the results are presented attractively on your profile page for potential customers of your services to see.

360 Cities on iPad
360 Cities on iPad

3. Take an iPad to meetings with their clients

Most pages on, including our homepage, image pages and photographer’s profile, can be viewed in the iPad’s built-in browser. That means all you have to do is to navigate the browser to a specific panorama you want to show to your client, and hand them the iPad. Believe it or not, clients love this.

The iPad is an awesome device to show your work and to show examples of panoramas you can make for them, even right from where you’re standing. The beautiful iPad display makes your panoramas look their best!

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