Strahov 40 Gigapixel: World Record Indoor Photo!

Download the Press Release; Download the Media Package

(The Media Package contains lots of screenshots of the image which you can use in your blog or publication)

Click the image above to open the Gigapixel Photo!


It’s been a few months – you didn’t think we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs did you? No, ever since finishing the London Gigapixel, we’ve been planning, shooting, and stitching the next world record!

This one is a bit smaller – 40 gigapixels – but it is still a record – it is, as far as we have been able to see, the largest interior photo ever made.

Click the image above to open the Gigapixel Photo!


But although the image is smaller than the London Gigapixel, it presented a lot of challenges I have never faced before. It is not easy to keep everything in focus in such a small space, with such a long lens!

Click the image above to open the Gigapixel Photo!

So, please do yourself a favor. Stop working (you didn’t really want to work anyway, if you’re reading this blog right now) and click over to the Strahov 40 Gigapixel image. Spend some time soaking in the ancient atmosphere of this 18th century library. Have fun! Here is a link to the image:

18 thoughts on “Strahov 40 Gigapixel: World Record Indoor Photo!

  1. Good afternoon,
    could we use your youtube preview in our video service? There will be full credit as part of video file (please send me credit You like).
    Thank You,
    Hynek Beran
    Czech News Agency, video department


  2. mentioned that you used a T2i to shoot the photo. Why did you choose this camera instead of one with a larger sensor?


  3. Quite something Jeff.

    What I do not understand is how you managed to keep everything in focus. Did you have to refocus continually, as the row you were taking came closer to your tripod? Was it a case of using autofocus cleverly? If so, how did PTGui cope with that?

    It would also be nice to know how you managed to find the NPP with a 70-200mm lens (presumably set at 200) . . . There seems to be no point where stitching hasn’t worked, so you must have had it pretty accurately placed.



  4. there’s one white hole in your 360º photo, near the foot of the harp player, in the roof of the strahov-library.



  5. hello jeffrey,
    It’s a wonderfull photo but there’s a problem when stitching toghether the pictures : the legs of the man and the woman in the frame of the door are staggered and the third man on their left has no legs..
    howhever, it’s really a good job !


  6. Hi Jeffrey,

    Great job! That’s probably the most impressive indoor panorama I have ever seen. Another stuff I like very much is the demo video. I wonder if you can explain how you have done it. I was trying to create a similar video with no success. The quality was not even close to your one. I would be very appreciated if you can answer.



  7. I want to show Gelilios’ work to my son for his studies. Is there a tagged database to peer into specific part of this massive display?



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