Two New Great Things For PROs: NO ADS and Badges

Choose NO ADS, or 100% of ad revenue

We understand that for our PRO members, every little thing helps to make a good  impression. When you showcase your work to an important customer, when you’re closing a sale, or when you simply want to impress people with your work, you want their full, undivided attention on your images. So that’s why we’ve decided to give our PRO account holders a choice: turn off all ads on your image and profile pages, or leave the ads and keep the revenue for yourself. It’s up to you.
Learn more (the link goes to the Help Center)

PRO account badges on image pages and other pages on the site

We have added PRO account badges to all names of PRO and COMPANY members on the site. Now you can show a proof that you are a professional photographer on 360 Cities! The badge looks like this:

7 thoughts on “Two New Great Things For PROs: NO ADS and Badges

  1. Excellent new option. Thank you. The final cherry on this sundae would be the much-desired option to hide all the nearby views of other panoramas when embedding a PRO account 360 in a client’s website.

    If the concern is there for hiding ads when showing clients your work, the last thing you want is to have other users panoramas automatically showing up in a completely non-related panorama.

    Please. Please. Thank you.


  2. Hi Bryan, thanks for the nice feedback. Yes, agree we should have this at some point. I’ve been discussing the user experience details of this new feature for some weeks now with my colleagues, haven’t had much time to think about it in more detail yet, though. At this point it’s more or less the matter of “when” rather than “if” we are going to have this new feature for hiding nearby panos in embeds. I can’t promise anything now.


  3. I have no words to comment.It is very great.I am not in a position to travel countries as I am 65 years old and sickly now.After watching this blog I feel I have visited lovely London in person just now. Thank you very much !


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