StreetView-like 360º Panoramas Along a Mountain Trail in Croatia

Igor Adamec has created a set of 360° panoramas along a mountain trail in Croatia, which virtually takes Google’s StreetView to the mountains! We’re excited to have these panoramas on 360Cities and to share them with you – Welcome to the Premužić’s mountain trail hike!

Premužić’s mountain trail is a hiking trail that leads through the peak areas of Northern and Middle Velebit. The trail is 57km long, and the first 16km of it passes through Northern Velebit. The trail was built in just four years, between 1930 – 1933, and it was named after a forestry engineer called Ante Premužić (1889-1979), who had designed it, organized and participated in the building of the trail. It’s designed in a way that there are no major climbs, almost all the time stretching along at about 1600 m above sea level, and difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points throughout entire length of the trail is only 200 meters. The average gradient is 10%, the highest is 20% and the average track width is 1.2m.

To see all 16 panoramas in the trail, search for Premužić’s mountain trail on 360Cities.

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