Faroe Islands: Sornfelli – Faroe Islands

360° panorama by David Rowley.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Photographer’s Notes:Being from Scotland, the Faroe Islands have always cropped up while looking at maps, ever since I was young. When I was planning a trip, by ferry to Iceland, I had the opportunity finally to visit these Islands, though my decision to actually get off of the ferry when it stopped here was because it somehow made the ferry ticket a little cheaper, so naturally, being Scottish, I could not resist! Though the islands had cropped up on the map, I had failed to ever look into what I might see if I one day actually did visit the Islands. To cut a long story a bit short, I really didn’t expect them to be quite this amazing!The ferry dropped my off on the way back from Iceland at 3am. It was dark when it arrived. I had not seen darkness for a long time as I had been in Northern Europe since the middle of May and if it ever had been dark in the last 2 months then I must have been sleeping at the time because I didn’t see it! My choice was to either find somewhere to set up my tent, or to find somewhere high to watch the sunrise. So it’s not too hard to work out what I decided to do… I sat up on this hill for about an hour waiting for the sun to appear from behind the seemingly endless stream of low cloud that was coming from the North, when a gap finally did appear I probably took my fastest ever sequence of shots (30 in total) ever! Going by the times marked on each photo I managed to take all the pictures in just 34 seconds! I had to do this because the cloud were coming past very quickly, I was quite worried that I might run into big problems later when the photos were stitched if the clouds had moved too much.

One thought on “Faroe Islands: Sornfelli – Faroe Islands

  1. I am amazed with such clear photography.I am indeed great full for all these panoramic views and images of various landscapes,towns,buildings,churches and places etc.Please continue sending me the same.

    Thank you


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