Ukraine: Sokal. St. Nicholas Church.

360° panorama by Maxim Ritus.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The oldest church of the city is the Church of St. Nicholas, built in the first half of the XVI century. Today it is in the territory of the City Park on the shores of the Western Bug. Church considered the cradle of Union of Orthodox Church with Rome. It was at St Nicholas Church in 1594 held a meeting Ukrainian Orthodox priests in the presence of Bishop Michael peremishlskogo Kopistinskogo on a potential alliance with the Roman Catholic Church. Near the church of St.. Nicholas was more ancient wooden church of the Virgin, which burned down in 1821. Both temples were united by a common fence and formed a monastic complex. Nicholas church was restored after a fire in 1613 and 1671's and was restored in 1694, as evidenced by the inscription above the choirs. In 1752-1756 the interior of the church was painted (probably the famous painter Stroinski C.), and in 1890 was attached to the north wall of the chapel. The initial view of the church during the restoration back 1971 – 1975 years by architects Igor Starosolskogo and Valentina flank. In 1989, the shrine was returned to believers.

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