England: Giggleswick School Chapel, Below The Dome.

360° panorama by Robert Bilsland.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The school chapel at Giggleswick, North Yorkshire is one of those unexpected buildings that takes your breath away the second you walk in the door. Built on a projecting knoll of millstone it dominates the landscape for miles around. It was gifted to the school by a Walter Morrison of Malham for the purpose of commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.The building was designed by T. G. Jackson and in 1897 building work began. The design of the chapel draws from many sources, the donor wanted influences from the East, especially Palestine, and including a dome while the designer wanted something using a more native English style. After 4 years of work it was complete and in 1901 the chapel was opened.As you look around this 360° view your eyes are overloaded with beauty. From the rich and detailed stained glass windows, through the amazing wood panels and marble floors, to the stunning dome directly above. The amount of work and attention to detail that has gone into the dome alone is just outstanding.If you want to read more about the chapel then Google "Giggleswick Chapel" and visit the school site where a lot more information can be found.

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