Shiraz: Mirrored mausoleum of Sayyed Alaeddin Hossein – Shiraz – Iran

360° panorama by Sergej Esnault.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Mausoleum of Sayyed Alaeddin Hossein is located not far from the famous complex Shah Cheragh in Shiraz (Next to Astana street). From the outside it looks like a traditional mosque, but when you enter into the interior, it will take your breath away! Arches, walls and bulbous dome are covered in intricate mosaics of mirror and coloured glass shines of various shades of green, blue, yellow and white colors and create unusual combinations of light. Normally is not allowed to take photos but this panorama was made with permission of local authorities but without tripod only from hands. I want to thank all of them for that!

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