Isfahan: Sunset over Mausoleum of Harun Vilayet – Isfahan

360° panorama by Sergej Esnault.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The mausoleum is a shrine to the mystical figure Harun Vilayat, who is varyingly personified by distinguished sets of Muslim believers as different holy personalities, such as the son of the tenth imam, the son of the eleventh imam, the grandson of the sixth imam or the seventh Imam. The shrine reputed for its miraculous powers is also venerated by some Armenian Christians and greatly influenced Safavid Isfahan's urban design in the sixteenth century. The square of Harun Vilayat in the Dardasht quarter of the city was the original town centre of Isfahan, with mention in documents dating to the first Safavid ruler Shah Ismail's reign till Safavid ruler Shah Abbas I shifted the focus to the grand Maidan-i Shah in 1590

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