South America: Valle del frances – the Jewl in the Crown

360° panorama by Arroz Marisco.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Further up from Campamento Británico is the Mirador for the famed Valle del Frances – the weather actually had taken a nasty turn with further rains and I hastily retreated after a less-than-satisfactory take of the landscape as my gears are not weather-proof. No sooner had I got back to the camp site then the cloud started to lift with a few faint rays of the long-gone sun – I paused for a moment and weighed in all the possiblities and decided to have one more go – a false break as it turned out  – when I got back I was greeted with more rains. My heart really sank and broke there and then.Just as soon as I thought I was done in for the day and about to leave – suddenly a glimmer of hope finally as the swirling clouds began to thin out and as I siezed the opportunity with so much haste I nearly toppled my tripod together with my camera – a close-shave but I finally had the view I wanted for my photo !From left to right are :Cumbre Principal of Cerro Paine Grande(3050m)Cumbre Norte of Cerro Paine Grande(2750m)Cerro Castillo(1421m)Cerro Catedral(216m)Punta Negra(1708m)Los Gernelos(1998m)Cerro Trono(2197m)Punta Catalina(1782m)Cerro Cabeza del Indio(2282m)Cerro Escudo(2240m)Cerro Fortaleza(2681m)Cerro Espada(2500m)Cerro Hoja(2200m)Cerro Máscara(2300m)Cuerno Norte(2400m)Cuerno Este(2200m)Cuerno Principal(2600m)

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