Zhejiang Province : Wuzhen scenic (night) -6-2013

360° panorama by jacky cheng.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Wuzhen is located in the north of Zhejiang Tongxiang Wuzhen Jiaxing-Huzhou plain, with authentic village style and the Millennium accumulation of cultural heritage as a leader in the southern town. The river water will cross the town is divided into the four corners of blocks, called four cardinal gate. The earliest development of the East Gate, East Gate and more than four times the Xishan Scenic junior, but it really can bring people some "new" old town tour experience. This "fresh" feeling lies not only in the daytime sightseeing, but also because of the colorful night leisure, as well as a variety of personalized accommodation, people can really live down fine chemicals.Xishan get into the ferry. With "harmony" to describe the Xishan is the most accurate. Xishan by the 12 islands, more than 70 small bridges strung together these islands, rivers, number density and stone are the country's most ancient town. For example, Tongji Bridge and Renji bridge two adjacent bridge at right angles, no matter which one standing bridge, you can see a bridge opening of another bridge, it is "the bridge in the bridge," said. "Bridge Mile Bridge" is the most beautiful bridges Wuzhen scenery, called Bridgeview a must.

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