Akila Ninomiya

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and my answer of enquete is below;

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1. When did you first Become obsessed with Photography? And what else Are you obsessed with, Besides Photography?
(you first became captivated photos When is? most things you are addicted also to other photos Do you have?)

“Still pictures are not good, it is hate. in the photograph as the archive media Are you interested, but there is no interest in the photograph as art.
Originally I am a typographer, Web designers, editors, MTB riders, cooking at home, there is also a full art antique collectors. core business is the Japanese paper craft expert. ”

and 2. How did you discover 360 Photography? When WAS it and what Happened next?
(How do 360 or? then did you hear about the photo, what it did happen?)

“When you were a producer tour of Japanese paper, is very narrow craftsman’s workshop, where it had struggled How do should take the space archive , Apple has released QuickTimeVR in 1995 and the so was introduced it is it start. ”

3. Are you a Professional or Amateur Photographer?
(Are you a professional photographer? or amateur?)

“I am not a professional photographer. But it is a professional VR creators, there is no doubt. ( 360 photo-shooting technology Nante, only a few percent of the normal photographic technology to does not use only) ”

4. Do you travel much to do your Photography?
(Do you want to frequent the shooting trip?)

“Since the shooting as a business almost be out on location, and has come out on the shooting trip somewhere every month, regardless of home and abroad. ”

5. What kind of Photography do you like the best? And of what kinds of things?
(What? And it is, to the best photo for you What things?)

“Best photo … is to is never seen, I do not think even a see you. ( because I myself is not looking for artistry in the photo media) 360X180 ° Stock VR content “sobering” all able to reflect the So, Toka noise is small, Toka’s high-definition, Toka can remote shooting, and I think that such a technically high-quality photography is made ​​you. ”

6. What IS your opinion on today’s State of VR? Will VR, as we know it Now, hit the Mainstream in the next 12 months?
(Do you have any opinion on the status of today’s VR? As we know now to, Do you want to hit as mainstream in the VR the next 12 months?)

“Very niche and 360Photo / because is to 360Video industry, I feel is like more increase business opportunities by recent VR boom to you is, the point I think happy in. In addition to in our traditional recipe was never imagined Na representation techniques in also a fact has been steadily born, it also has become creation of stimulus.
However, whether 2016 is VR first year, I think that it might be to rely on the spread of HMD . In that respect, Cardboard100 million pieces distribution of NewYorkTimes is , wonder if not than at once on fire, and it is to think, plus magazine also? I think not to follow
“Hakosuko” in Japan also true perfection of minimalism that 1 binocular HMD is spread at once though, I am trying to already generalized as promotional distribution. In that perspective, the country of Japan can be said to have become the benchmark in VR boom will.
(Oculus, Inc. Palmer, CEO of Lucky Mr. taking frequent communication and developers of Japan , the it because I was about to No. 1 in Japan the delivery priority of RiftDK2) ”

7. Who Are some of the Interesting companies or People who Are getting into VR / 360 Photography THESE days?
(recent VR / 360 interested companies / in photograph person anyone?)

“This is SONY. of VR platform PlayStationVR release of You have to raise the bid to the strongest contender, the development of 360video for photography device, not yet started. the world’s highest quality ultra-small CMOS sensor “Exmor R” and stereophonic The combined solutions development professional and is one of the few global manufacturers can. Flame cross-project between the departments because it is too huge companies and the hope that it will be arbitrary, but it is where I want you to stand up and come as a favorite on this occasion. ”

8. What IS your opinion about 360 Video?
(Do you have information about opinion 360video?)

“If you count from one-shot mirror, and then you doing also another eight years 360video, also shooting of using the GoPro is now four years, still ” has not come out shooting device of the definitive edition “, fatal manner probably will. exposed fixed can not GoPro has been still still used as the main if accustomed to 10-fold is .THETA of sensor problem of that, but I very happy …. ”

9. As a pioneer in building the equipment that panoramic photographers use, what kind of trends have you noticed in the last years / decade that might not be obvious to other people?
as a pioneer in the development of equipment (panoramic photographer to use, Here mind and not been apparent from anyone else in between a few years of ’10 is what was Zui, what?)

“Low-cost motor drive mount. Using Bluetooth or WiFi, control iOS / is done in Android. Because it is modular mount, applications will spread to infinity. This idea is not warm from three years ago, when mass production or trying to, I think. ”

10. How do you think Our panoramic Medium Will Evolve over the next years or Decades?
(after the next year or in ’10 our panoramic media, how to go and do you think evolving?)

” If I low-cost motor mount that you are trying to develop is spread, it looks like giga pixel panorama can be at once feel free to shoot. More than that, because so time-lapse panorama can be easily taken, and stitch software after the how, I think more so that high-definition content can be obtained with ease. panoramic VR content of end users, such as the THETA and shooting device, will SONY to develop several tens of million yen of camera bipolar differentiation is more one I think not of advancing layer. ”

11. Add any Other Questions / answers you think Are relevant or Interesting 🙂
(other questions / that seems to you the relevant interesting please add an answer freely.)

“Simultaneous shooting type panoramic camera has recently headlines the streets, but in none of the camera has not been adopted, there is a very important function. It is “exposure and is the white balance sensor. ” Exposure / captured from a plurality of lenses and the sensor arranged in all directions to extract color information to calculate the average, to reflect each sensor information, it is a feature that the constant of each color information. It takes a very difficult algorithm, but when this is not, and does not become useless. The camera, which will be developed in the future, it is a feature that all means want to be mounted. “

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