Editors’ picks of the week: Chile and Vietnam

Hey guys! Hope you weekend was fantastic and you’re ready for a quick trip to Chile and Vietnam. Two of our community photographers made stunning photos you certainly do not want to miss.


Luis A. Romero Pavez – Chile

In our weekly round-up of the panoramic photos selected as editors’ picks, we start in Chile, with a wonderful view of the Grey glacier in southern part of the country. Not only the view’s great, but we love the colors and the way the clouds cast shadows on the glacier below. Brilliant pano!

Click the picture to open the pano!


Alexey Miroshnikov – Vietnam

Time to move to the other side of the planet, as Alexey Miroshnikov made a trip to Vietnam and we can join him, thanks to his lovely panoramic pictures. Four panos from two different places – seaside and mountains – give you the idea how beautiful the country really is. Check it out!

Click one of the pictures to open the pano!

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