Editors’ picks of the week – Street art

Hi all! We had a little break last week, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss your round-up of the coolest panos uploaded to 360Cities by the world’s best panoramic photographers! Here are the panoramic pictures that got our attention last week!


Dresden Kunsthofpassage by Udo Lenkewicz (click the picture to open the pano)

This week, we start in Dresden, Germany, in this little street famous for its unusual architecture. The blue building there not only looks cool – it also sounds cool! Yes, that’s right! If it rains, water flowing through the gutter makes sounds which make the building truly special.


Seralon Stairs by Romain Calvetti (click the picture to open the pano)

Time for one more street art – this time from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. This is the Selaron staircase, decorated by more than two thousands tiles, coming from more than 120 countries! Most probably, there’s a tile from your country, too!


Cobbler shoes by Santiago Salinas (click the picture to open the pano)

Santiago uploaded a wonderful picture from a shoemaker’s shop in his hometown in Ecuador. Pretty much everything in there is original, which makes this little shop – which is probably the oldest one in the city – stand out among the others.


Inside snow cave by Vincent Lawrence (click the picture to open the pano)

Being a panoramic photographers, you do all kinds of stuff to make the perfect picture. Vincent, for example, went inside a snow cave in Chile – and it was worth it, as he made this brilliant pano.


Nordindien – Buddah in the Monastery Likir by H.J.Weber (click the picture to open the pano)

This massive statue of Maitreya (the future) Buddha, is situated in the Likir monastery in Northern India and it is more than 23 meters high! As H.J. points out in his pano’s description, there’s much more to see in the monastery, so make sure you read it all. Interesting!


On the roof of The Last Supper Room by Zoran Strajin (click the picture to open the pano)

What a lovely view you can get after climbing to the roof of the Last Supper Room in Jerusalem!

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