Interesting articles about VR – week #39

October is VR’s biggest month: Google Daydream, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR


Even if you’ve tried virtual reality or already own a VR system, nothing has prepared you for what’s coming over the next month. Three major VR platforms are expected to launch before Thanksgiving Day with massive announcements and retail roll-outs in the works.

New Survey Suggests Lack Of Compelling Content As Biggest Obstacle For VR/AR Adoption


What was once nothing more than a pipe dream for science fiction enthusiasts is now a commercially released product due to the dawn of virtual reality devices that are readily available on the shelves of your local Best Buy. Now that VR has taken the first steps out of infancy towards becoming a matured new vertical for the consumer electronics industry it is beginning to face a new set of challenges as it strives for greater success in this highly competitive marketplace.

VR Devs Pull Support for Oculus Rift Until Palmer Luckey Steps Down


Several virtual reality game developers have announced that they will stop supporting Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR headset until its founder Palmer Luckey steps down.

Developers announced that they will stop supporting the Oculus Rift after The Daily Beast revealed that Luckey raised money for a pro-Donald Trump non-profit through a convoluted Reddit scheme. As Motherboard reported on Friday, Luckey’s Twitter activity has been sympathetic to the alt-right and the bigotry that defines it since March of this year.

Here’s why you’re overlooking how much VR actually matters


If Virtual Reality seems like it’s been slow to pick up, that might just be because most of us have a terrible ability to see the huge change a new technology will have on the world.

It’s human nature to be a bedroom critic.

When the Wright brothers conducted the first flight ever in 1903, the press and most of the public, reacted with a shrug of their shoulders. It would be 5 years until the public reacted to the fact that lowly earth-bound humans were now actually able to fly.

Virtual reality is set to emerge as a new trademark battleground, brand owners are warned


If this year’s technology predictions hold true, 2016 will be the year that virtual reality (VR) will begin to breakthrough into the mainstream. As products from the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, HTC and Samsung add much needed competition to a new generation of VR devices, one IP expert tells World Trademark Review that VR platforms and VR-related domains should now be on the policing schedule for most brand owners.

For VR to be truly immersive, it needs convincing sound to match


I’m staring at a large iron door in a dimly lit room. “Hey,” a voice says, somewhere on my right. “Hey buddy, you there?” It’s a heavily masked humanoid. He proceeds to tell me that my sensory equipment is down and will need to be fixed. Seconds later, the heavy door groans. A second humanoid leads the way into the spaceship where my suit will be repaired.

Hyper-Training And The Future Augmented Reality Workplace


If you’re like me, you may be exhilarated by the possibilities inherent in augmented reality (AR) workplace training. Not only does AR open the doors for limitless creativity and innovation, it also enables enterprises to speed up the training process and make it more beneficial to employees. As someone who spends his life learning about what drives people to adopt new technologies, I see much potential in workplace AR, and predict that it will play a key role in offering companies a competitive advantage.

Immersive storytelling in 360: Step inside the Server Room Symphony with Will O’Rourke


Leading the way in taking ground-breaking new ideas from concept to reality, production house Will O’Rourke has partnered with Semi Permanent and Facebook to tell a story using Facebook’s 360 video. Collaborating with Director Alex Smith, the team was challenged to draw inspiration from a Dan Winters photograph and move people on mobile.

Virtual reality is not going to be big, it’s going to be everything!


Gaming and entertainment may be the most popular area for today’s virtual reality market but the technology is evolving fast, and soon it will touch so many aspects of our lives. Virtual reality offers the potential to fundamentally change how we learn, interact, and recover through a variety of potential applications in academia, healthcare, advocacy and journalism.

This Interactive Virtual Reality Experience Relaxes You in Minutes


Imagine leaving a stressful day behind and slipping into a magical forest of calming lights and sounds.

That’s the vision of LUMEN, a relaxing virtual reality experience that launches this week through LIFE VR’s new mobile app.

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