Interesting articles about VR – week #40

Where am I? Waking up in Virtual Reality


I’ve been researching environmental immersion for 5 years and now with my own virtual Reality viewers and 360 recording devices, I’ve been able to experiment.

The first unusual experiment: I took a nap while wearing my Virtual Reality Viewers to learn about how it interacts with the mind upon waking in VR. My first awakening? The avengers mansion. At first I was quite confused. My first thoughts were, “Did I get really drunk last night? Where the hell am I? How did I get here? Is this a dream” In those early stages my first reaction, when presented with an unusual environment upon waking, was to assume it was real, and try to make sense of how I got there. Those first times, when i tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes I immediately feel the goggles and realize fairly quickly that it was a VR experience still running. (The time between was relatively short, measured in seconds, but could be increased using better equipment but overall the effect decreased over time.)

What the heck is going on with Palmer Luckey?


In one week, he’s gone from being the enigmatic, shockingly young head of a company that Facebook acquired for billions of dollars, to being the Wizard of Oz-type millionaire behind the curtain who’s financing an alt-right political group with roots in a white supremacist subreddit.

Become VR Developer with new Udacity Program


VR industry continues to develop and integrate new people in producing VR content. On 28th of September 2016, it has been announced of launching new VR program. Several giant companies: Google, Unity, Upload and HTC Vive have joined Udacity to create an educational program which is called VR Developer Nanodegree program.

Not So VR Away: NVIDIA, HTC Make It Easier to Bring Virtual Reality to Your Business


Putting cutting-edge VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, our new Pascal-based NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs and HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

Our Pascal-based Quadro GPUs will support a wide range of new VR technologies. Separately, HTC’s Vive Business Edition will make it easier to put VR to work for your organization.

10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing (Updated)


As of April 2016, people that succeed with Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing do two things very well:

First, they identify VR Marketing narratives that get them results.

Second, they put 100% of their resources into creating the stories that resonate with their audience.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How do I find VR Marketing strategies that actually work?”

“Storytelling in VR is Changing What We’re Used to in Traditional Film”: Yelena Rachitsky on Virtual Reality


Is virtual reality beginning to be embraced by the mainstream? The question was raised last weekend at IFP Film Week’s Cinema in the Age of VR panel. Roughly 50 people had gathered at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP in Dumbo to hear from four pioneers working at the forefront of VR.

Watching Football in VR is Kind of Terrible Right Now


Ever since I put on a VR headset, I’ve wanted to use one to watch live sporting events. Well, that tech is here now, and it’s a miserable experience.

During week three of the NCAA college football season, Fox Sports aired the matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Ohio State Buckeyes on its Fox Sports VR App. This smartphone program fromdeveloper LiveLike is available now for free on the iOS, Android, and Gear VR markets. For the OSU-OU game, it had five different 180-degree cameras set up around the field. One in each endzone, one on each 25-yard line, and one in a box at the 50 yard line. At any time during the action, you could switch between those vantage points so you can always get in close to the play.

Can Virtual Reality Trigger Long Locked Away Memories?


Can short term virtual reality sessions help people living with dementia trigger long term memories and improve communication skills?

An aged care-home operator is tentatively reporting positive results in virtual reality sessions with residents.

Originally introduced at two Melbourne aged care-homes as a means of entertaining residents, Mercy Health Lifestyle and Volunteer Manager Karren Gooding said the short virtual reality sessions have had unexpected results.

You’re in the band: virtual reality’s orchestral future


It is every orchestral player’s greatest anxiety dream. You are sitting on stage at the Royal Festival Hall as the Philharmonia’s Principal Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen strides up to the podium. He looks you directly in the eye and raises his baton for the first downbeat. It is only then that you realise you have forgotten your instrument, or even how to play one. But this is not a dream – it’s real. Or virtually real. Welcome to Britain’s first fully immersive, 360 degree, non-existent orchestra.

VR and the reimagining of Story – Interactive theatre – part 4


Last time I promised to talk about some kind of magical glue – a Story Master.

Dungeons & Dragons had a Dunegon Master who was in control of the story, and who would be the medium through which the players experienced his vision. And so it  would be in the case of  this VR-experience.  Each story would have to be steered by a controlling idea. The over arching concept. What is the story about? What are we trying to convey to the participant, despite the boundless freedom given by this kind of interactive experience/story.



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