Interesting articles about VR – week #41

As the Note 7 dies, Oculus loses face(s)


The Note 7 debacle hasn’t been good for anyone — not for Samsung, not for Android, not for consumers, not for airlines, not for fire departments, not for stylus-lovers and certainly not for Oculus.

The Facebook-owned virtual reality powerhouse currently has its entire mobile VR future pinned on the successes of Samsung’s handsets and the discontinuation of Note 7 production is likely going to stunt Oculus’s Gear VR sales (and brand) in a pretty damning way.




In the first installment of this series I wrote about how seasoned game fanatics were turned into crying babies by the power of the VR medium. In the second installment, I went into the hurdles which the VR-medium poses on the storyteller. And in the third part, I took a peek at what the future might hold for VR and how future VR-makers might use new tools which are becoming available right now. In the fourth part I talked about Story Masters and the over arching idea.

S. Korean government invests $363 million to promote VR


The South Korean government is set to invest 363 million dollars over the next five years to promote the virtual reality (VR) industry. Korean government considers virtual reality as a future growth engine.

How to Get Lost in Augmented Reality


For several weeks this summer, the world was peppered with Pokémon and possibility. People rushed out, phones in hand, to chase Charizards and explored neighborhoods both old and new. For most of July and part of August, it felt like the augmented reality future had finally arrived. To a certain degree, it had. But Pokémon Go was and is a basic program. Though it did start a conversation about how A.R. works across race and class, it did not force early adopters to confront how manipulation and consent work in mixed reality.


PlayStation VR is a good headset built on a crumbling foundation


Sony’s new-fangled head-mounted display and the bits and pieces that make it run feel like a forced collision between the past and the present.
The headset is definitively a product of the Now: it’s sleek, it’s space-age, and it’s lightweight in your hands and on your head, but not in a cheap or flimsy way.


The Big Comparison: Daydream View vs Gear VR


So Google has finally unveiled its Daydream VR headset, the Daydream View. It will be available in November for $79 and will start the mobile VR war between Samsung’s Oculus powered Gear VR and Google’s Daydream VR. In this comparison, we pit the two VR headsets against each other to find out which device is the better headset.


From Dutch hospital to Afghan clinic: new VR app aims to link 8.5m doctors


Imagine you’re a doctor in Swindon and a patient with a chewing tobacco habit turns up with unusual tongue lesions. What if you could, at the press of a few buttons, locate and get instant advice from the Mumbai-based world expert on cancers related to chewing tobacco?


SONY Playstation PSVR virtual reality experience arrives this week: what does it mean for VR?


Sony’s PSVR Virtual Reality will be available to the world starting this Thursday, bringing another huge leap forward to the VR community amidst Google’s recent announcements about it’s Daydream platform and hardware.

One of the most significant things about the PSVR Virtual Reality experience is that unlike Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or other HMD’s which need the processing power of a robust computer to run, PSVR works with your existing Playstation 4 console. According to Wired, over 40 Million have sold since the launch several years ago. That is a huge built in addressable market and we’re excited at SpaceoutVR to see advances that make Virtual Reality experiences more available to the world.


NASA Langley Uses VR/AR Devices for its Researches


As the VR technology is expanding and is becoming available for people, NASALangley takes advantage of VR. On 11th of October NASA reported on its official website about the usage of VR/AR technologies for working on the space.




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