Interesting articles about VR – week #13

Mixing Reality

The idea of virtual reality (VR) may have been around as far back as 1935, but it’s really in the past couple of years — with the growth of affordable headsets — that it’s come into its own. In 2017, a flurry of virtual reality experiences will be launched by artists, filmmakers, designers and even new VR focused creative studios.

Mathematicians Create Warped Worlds in Virtual Reality

“It feels like the entire universe is within a sphere that is maybe within a couple meters’ radius,” says topologist Henry Segerman at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He is describing, not an LSD trip, but his experience of exploring a curved universe in which the ordinary rules of geometry do not apply.

Experts set to meet with fed government about need for VR ethics, more research

Virtual worlds are coming for humanity and a group of researchers and technologists wants to make sure we’re ready when they arrive. Next week, three top researchers in virtual reality, augmented reality and body computing are having an informal meeting with members of a government regulatory agency to kick off what they hope will be a conversation about the potential dangers of immersive technology and the need for more studies into the impact they might have on people.

VR in 2017: making it real

It will be the year when virtual reality (VR) finally makes it real, applications will start to monetise the technology and VR technologies will become more mainstream. In 2017, look out for the 360-degree selfie, Apple’s big leap into immersive technology and multi-sensory marketing.

Bob Iger says no to virtual reality headsets at Disney parks, aims for augmented reality instead

Walt Disney Co.’s chief executive has no interest in having theme park visitors strap on virtual reality headsets that block out their view and place them inside a digital world. Smaller rivals, including Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld and Six Flags, have turned to such virtual reality experiences as an affordable way to spice up rides, but Disney CEO Bob Iger said reality-destroying headsets would be “ersatz” at his stable of parks. He’s ordered his team not to even think about it.

Methods of Analyzing Your VR Experience

I believe every creation has a potential for offering learning experiences. Which could be unfold primarily by its creators, subsequently their community and finally all the other homo sapiens. Especially when we talk about VR as the most phenomenal subset of technology. The intense load of cognition/emotion that is triggered in the user’s body and mind needs to be analyzed.

When will VR Become Indistinguishable from Reality?

I bet the thought of TRUE VR has creeped in your mind at least once or twice. I’m defining “TRUE VR” as a virtual world that is indistinguishable from reality. 
I get asked this question so often. At events, conferences, online on forums, websites etc.


The Z CAM S1 is a four-lens, 360° camera that creates interactive, spherical panoramic videos. It’s available from the camera’s Indiegogo page, but not yet from retail outlets. The camera is impressive, with very clean stitching and output up to 6K. It costs US $2499, not including a few essentials like batteries, SD cards, and stitching software. This is a basic introduction to the camera; I plan to post another article after I’ve had a chance to shoot with this.

VR Porn Experiences: What to expect ?

One of the great innovations of the last years is the Virtual Reality Porn, an advanced technology that allows the vision and creation of porn movies in 3D, the so-called 3D Virtual Reality Porn.

Volumetric capture is the swift kick in the butt VR so desperately needs

As has become standard at my job, I recently strapped on a virtual reality headset to go somewhere far, far away. On this day, it was a trip to outer space, with pit stops on a moon’s surface and a sci-fi-styled briefing room, to hear about future expeditions to Mars.


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