Interesting articles about VR – week #18

Top 12 best Augmented Reality Apps and best AR Apps for ios and Andriod

Augmented Reality, which has been for long dreamed as a futuristic perception, is now actually a reality. With each passing year, AR is surprising its customers with astonishing innovations. Augmented Reality Apps are now available in markets in a variety of array, from virtual showrooms to interactive map overlays to enormous multiplayer battles. Every best AR apps work on smartphone GPS and camera features to produce a more engaging experience.

Most Realistic Surgery VR Simulator for Surgeons

Last week, NuVasive, a world leader in medical surgical solutions released a VR application. NuVasive is transforming spine surgery with innovative technologies designed to deliver reproducible and clinically proven surgical outcomes.

360 production tips – what VR camera and when

There is no perfect 360 video camera. There is the right camera for the right job though. Sometimes that’s something simple and GoPro based, sometimes it’s something complicated and high end like a Red or Arri system. There’s a time and a place. Shooting 360 video is very much a game of compromises – making exchanges in quality for stitching or quality for being more dynamic. Here’s some of our favourite cameras and when we like to use them.

Facebook, HTC & Intel Investing Heavily in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fast growing segment of the consumer electronics market. Experiencing an unprecedented level of phenomenal growth, VR is aided by respective industry giants pouring in huge amounts of money to push VR forward across a myriad of platforms. Analytics firm Quid reported that names such as Intel, Facebook, and HTC are some of the biggest investors where VR is concerned. In fact, expectations are there for VR and augmented reality (AR) to hit revenue of $24 billion before the year is over. Hence, it is not strange at all to see these multi-billion dollar corporations jumping aboard the VR bandwagon as there is more money to be made in return over the course of the future.

AMD debuts a VR experience around big India movie release

Baahubali is one of India’s biggest films, and it is getting a sequel, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, which is one of the most technologically sophisticated films ever made. It is the world’s first “trillion pixel film,” and it is getting a virtual reality experience that is debuting this week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

IKinema’s Motion Capture System Could Make CGI VR Porn Better Than Ever

Currently, when companies make full 3d computer generated adult apps or games, they have to either animate characters by hand or use expensive motion capture devices. This could all change with IKinema’s cost-effective motion capture system that uses the HTC Vive technology. If adult app producers adopt IKinema’s Orion motion capture system, us VR-porn heads could be in for a treat.

The VR and AR Markets Are Thriving

There’s no denying the fact that companies are still heavily vested in the world of VR and AR. Just this year alone we’ve seen large corporate entities acquire various VR and AR startup companies. According to Recode, Rothenberg Ventures, HTC/Vive X, and Facebook have acquired the most startup companies in the industry.

How to use virtual reality for corporate learning?

Corporate learning drives competitive advantage. Think about the history of companies like Nokia who lost their market to new competitors like Apple, or the many search companies who lost the search market to Google. These companies don’t fail to innovate. They simply fail to learn. Learning on a corporate level has become one of the priorities for modern businesses. Today learning strategies are highly aligned to business goals and L&D spending now is more likely to be controlled from the C-suite than by HR and by business unit leaders.

Vive X Teams Reveal Innovation Breakthroughs Toward Next-Gen VR Tech

Last year HTC formed the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA) alongside some of the biggest investors in the VR industry. This alliance offered a total of $10bn USD to VR content creators in conjunction with the Vive X accelerator program. The VRVCA has just held its fourth closed-door members meeting in San Francisco, with 10 teams from 5 different regions showcasing their achievements.

11 Tricks to Get Your Next VR Job

If you’re part of the passionate pool of VR developers (Note: I use the term “VR developer” to describe 360 filmmakers/C# programmers/audio specialists/etc.) looking to pursue a career in VR/AR, I’m here to help you land the job of your dreams!



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