Interesting articles about VR – week #27

Apple’s latest acquisition could be a major step towards making virtual reality mainstream


Apple has quietly acquired a German company, SensoMotoric Instruments, which can track people’s eye movements.


How journalists can tell compelling stories using VR


Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of a new medium for storytelling in journalism: virtual reality. From the printing press to radio, from television to the internet, and now VR, technological innovation has changed how journalists gather, report and deliver the news. VR is already making an impression on journalism by immersing an audience in a story, offering unlikely perspectives and creating connections to emotional moments.


Scientists have developed a new VR app to help children who need to get an MRI


King’s College Hospital has created a free virtual reality app designed to ease patients’ fears ahead of MRI machine scans. My MRI at King’s, which has primarily been built for children, is essentially a simple audiovisual guide that walks patients through the events that will happen on the day.


VR Future Might Mean More Takeout, but it Might Also Mean More VR Workout


VR may be great for gaming, but it can also open up an entirely new world for fitness enthusiasts. Read on to find out how the fitness industry is gaining a new platform.


Virtual Reality – The Future is Now!

Man pressing virtual button in data mining concept

In this era of lightening fast technologies, Virtual Reality is a very new and trendy concept. In general, “Virtual” means non-existing and “Reality” means what we experience as human beings. But in technical terms, Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is created with the software and presented in the way that the user accepts it as a real environment. In other words, Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology which creates the effect of an interactive 3D world in which the objects have a sense of spatial presence.


Accessories for VR Porn- When technology goes way too far!!


I never thought this would even be a post but then since it is a VR topic and it is interesting and funny, let us not leave this discussion as well. There is a lot of hype on VR porn and that itself has created some really interested VR headset buyers all around the world but another topic that comes along with it is the accessories that you can have for VR porn.


Google Has Bad News For VR Filmmakers


If you’re the kind of Kubrick-style perfectionist film maker who has to make every frame exactly right, then you may be finding VR filmmaking an unhealthy way to spend your time, with a whole lot going on in each frame. Well bad news: you’ve been wasting your time. Google research suggests that old habits die hard, and that barely anyone is looking around outside the 90 degrees they start the a 360 degree YouTube video facing.


Virtual reality in travel and hospitality – is it a fad?


The narration is familiar – a new shiny breakthrough in tech is announced, inks spill in its honour, and criticism and opinion pieces fly around. Early adopters rush in to lay their hands on it, and in a few months, the circus is dead; inks are scribbling new praises, tech podcasts are singing new songs.


Why VR Is the Perfect Way to Win Gen Z Consumers


As brands managers and marketers grapple with Millennials, a far more influential group of consumers is emerging: the Gen Z’ers. Gen Z’ers — those individuals born between 1998 and 2008 — are more culturally, environmentally and socio-economically aware than their predecessors. In just three years, Gen Z will represent 40% of US consumer spending! They are also positioned to become the single largest group of consumers worldwide.


bHaptics’ TactSuit is VR haptic feedback done right


Every now and then, we come across a new attempt to bring haptic feedback to VR, but we’ve yet to see one that’s fully convincing; those that are still around tend to be both pricey and far from ready for the market. Well, this is apparently no longer the case thanks to bHaptics. At HTC Vive X demo day in Shanghai, I got some hands-on time with this Korean startup’s TactSuit, a wireless kit consisting of a haptic mask (which is a rarity), two haptic sleeves and a haptic vest. The fascinating part here is that it comes with a total of 87 feedback points, which is a lot more generous than what the other suits offer. It’ll also cost less than its direct competitor, Nullspace VR’s $549 Hardlight suit which only has 16 feedback points.


Tunnel Vision Brings Virtual Reality to Your Indoor Skydiving Experience


The indoor skydiving industry has exploded over the past 5 years. Improvements in technology have created comfortable, safe, efficient wind tunnels enjoyed by millions annually. The big draw is how safe and accessible the activity is. People of almost all ages (often as young as 3 years old) may enjoy freefall without the risks associated with skydiving.



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