Interesting articles about VR – week #6

The best VR and AR from Sundance 2018, from haptic gloves to alien abduction


The Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier experimental section featured its first virtual reality experience in 2012, and with every festival, its projects have grown longer and more sophisticated. This year was no exception. The program included more than 20 virtual and augmented reality entries, ranging from simple mobile 360-degree video to multi-person performance art installations.

Is it now the right moment to buy a VR headset? Or is it better to wait?


The one of the title is one of the questions that I read the most often on Quora and on Reddit. A lot of people are interested in VR, are seeing that the technology is becoming always better, that there is always more content and that the prices are lowering and wonder if it is now the moment to buy a VR device or if it is better to wait to buy the next generation of devices, that may feature a great leap in resolution and user experience, maybe with the addition of amazing features as eye tracking. So, what is the answer? Should people buy now a VR headset?

Onboarding in augmented reality mobile application


After releasing ARKit, amount of augmented reality applications in App Store started growing exponentially. Before on App Store were tens of apps that were more or less useful. Now there are a lot of applications that are great and even more of them useless. An amount of new user growing respectively.

Where VR Failed, Augmented Music and Magic Leap One Might Prevail


Magic Leap has been working for years on a Mixed Reality music app with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The app could be integrated into Magic Leap’s thoroughly hyped hardware.

Behold The Next Generation VR Technology: Part 1 – Facial Tracking


Sceptics say current VR headsets are clunky, heavy, uncomfortable diving masks that won’t make their way to people’s homes. Well, I agree with them, but with one significant adjustment — the situation is changing lightning fast.

Is Virtual Reality safe for children?


There’s massive hype around the technology itself. But the effect of VR on children doesn’t even seem like it’s an issue at all. We’re always hearing about some new breakthrough in the technology – much of it pure vaporware – but when was the last time you heard any serious, adult, discussion on the child safety aspect of VR?

5 things to expect from VR headsets in 2019


At CES in Las Vegas we saw a collection of next-generation technologies. Wireless, super high resolutions and eye-tracking all showed potential to dramatically improve future VR headsets.  Each of these technologies, however, was shown in separate demos. What happens when a company like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple starts to put all these things together? If they can lower the overall cost of a VR system while simultaneously improving the feeling of immersion, that’s a recipe for bringing tens of millions of new customers into VR.

Best Practices for Making VR Tourism & Travel Apps


Businesses in the tourism and travel industry can easily leverage virtual reality to boost sales. Creating and distributing VR apps is simple using our InstaVR platform. In this article, we’ll share the success stories of two of our clients — Hello Kitty & TUI Group — and offer up three main considerations when building out your tourism/travel app.

How Snapchat Is Helping One Doctor Transform Medical Training


Shafi Ahmed dons a pair of digital sunglasses and explains how the tiny lenses built into its black plastic frame, which can capture high-resolution images, are transforming how doctors get trained in operating rooms.

AR Glasses: Coming Soon To A Face Near You


On business trips, Pete Jameson gets odd looks from fellow airplane passengers when he’s in his seat typing on a keyboard with no screen to be seen. But Jameson is looking at a jumbo-size display, thanks to augmented reality glasses that project images for his eyes only. His headset looks like slightly oversized sunglasses and what he sees is not visible to others.


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