Interesting articles about VR – week #8

Virtual Reality by Marco Romero


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Why Greycroft’s Jon Goldman invests in games, esports, AR, and VR


Not many investors have the expertise to invest in the hit-or-miss video game business. But Jon Goldman has figured it out. 
He is a venture partner at Greycroft, the early-stage venture capital firm in Los Angeles that has had big exits such as Maker Studios (bought by Disney), Buddy Media (bought by, and Braintree (bought by PayPal). He has invested in numerous game companies through Greycroft, but he recently created a new way to invest on his own through the GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund.

Web-Powered Augmented Reality: a Hands-On Tutorial


There’s been a lot of cool stuff happening lately around Augmented Reality (AR), and since I love exploring and having fun with new technologies, I thought I would see what I could do with AR and the Web — and it turns out I was able to do quite a lot!

The ugly history of strapping screens to our faces


2017 isn’t the first time that VR, or any face-worn gadget for that matter, has attempted to make it in the mainstream. And yet, the hardware itself, be it a Daydream View or a HTC Vive, is still a pretty intimidating thing to attach to your face. But looking at some of the headsets that didn’t make it over the years, we’re in a much better position than we were two decades ago.

Adobe designers offer 4 insights into VR’s future


Adobe has traditionally pioneered tools and workflows for professionals and creatives to build for a digital medium. The rise of virtual reality has led to Adobe building the platforms necessary for creators to transition into the world of 3D spatial computing. I’ve interviewed four innovators from Adobe Research and Adobe’s Design Lab who are building the company’s VR technologies, to get their insights on the future of VR and 3D immersive technologies.

11 VR Marketing Campaigns that prove you are already late!


VR is no more a technology only for gamers. It has captured the imagination of content creators from movie-makers to advertising agencies. 
VR provides an up-close, interactive, personal and potentially impactful experience to viewers. VR video viewers wear a VR headset that has controls to facilitate an immersive and interactive experience. VR videos place the viewer at the center of an experience. They would not be able to feel the product, service or place, but through reality emulation, the viewer virtually experiences them.

VR’s Doing More For You Than You Know


The iPhone is a pivotal construct that goes beyond what its name implies. It has revolutionized modern society through advances in computing, and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. If you go back to 1876 and ask Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the first practical telephone) what the 2007 version of the iPhone would do, I think Bell would say, in some semblance or another, that the iPhone would simply make phone calls. In part, he is right, but over 1 billion iPhones have been sold not merely just because of its peer to peer audio transmission quality. Rather, it has adapted to EVERY vertical in an impactful way. From apple-picking to zoology, there is an app that will meet your needs.

Where is the best place to upload 360 video: Quality Comparison

best-place-to-upload360-video (1).jpg

So you’ve bought your 360 camera, shot some immersive video and now you want to upload and view it. Where can you upload 360 video and where does it look the best? Quality is everything when it comes to 360 video because the resolution is so large, and a video uploaded to different video sharing websites won’t necessarily look the same.

Game, set, fire: Virtual and augmented reality arcades take off in Singapore


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become the hottest trends in video gaming today by giving players more immersive and realistic action in at least three new shops here. VR and AR are related, but slightly different technologies. VR places gamers into a full-fledged virtual world, while AR overlays virtual elements onto the real world. The action-heavy Zero Latency, which has its roots in Australia, is Singapore’s first free-roaming VR gaming shop. It cuts the cord which tethers players to a VR console, giving them absolute freedom to walk as they see fit.

How VR Art is Expanding the Museum — Two Case Studies


Artists and museums are adapting to the new medium of VR in a variety of different ways. While many museums are simply bringing VR headsets into the museum environment, others are looking at new ways to expand the museum, curating and distributing VR art outside the museum walls.


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