Editors’ picks #23 – Nature!

We’re celebrating the nature this week! And because of that, we have selected a couple of amazing panoramic pictures uploaded recently, which express the nature’s beauty just perfectly.


Costa Rica Landscape by TRAVELcandies

We start in Costa Rica, with this amazing view down a valley, surrounded by mountains covered with woods and meadows. This place is literally full of life!


Primeval Forest near Platte Mountain by Martin Hertel

Here’s an amazing piece of untouched nature. This almost magical spot is located in a bavarian forest and thanks to the thin layer of snow and the mist covering the forest like a giant blanket, you can tell it is getting quite chilly over there.


Lipsett by Yury Rybalskiy

To visit this beautiful place, you have to travel a couple of thousands of kilometres to the Rockies in Alberta, Canada. If you liked the Bavarian forest in the previous pano, this one offers you much more – trees anywhere you look!


Lago Del Predil by TRAVELcandies

Is this a paradise? Or an entrance to it? Well, this is the Lago Del Predil, one of hundreds of amazing lakes in the Alps. The sunlight is finding its way between the peaks of the mountains surrounding the water surface, making the whole scene look magical.


Yvoire, rue de l’Eglise by dieter kik

Not really that much nature in this one, however, if you like tourism and hikes, this small medieval town of Yvoire in France should be one of your destination. Despite being dated all the way back to 14th century, it is actually much older!


More amazing panoramic photos below!


Amenhotep Iii Second Open Court Of Luxor Temple by idvdigital


Jungle Forest Cave by William l


Ancient Ship Lift Henrichenburg by Uwe Rudowitz


Snowy winter night in a moonlit forest by Janne


Vaux le Vicomte with snow by EdouardAS

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