Interesting articles about VR – week #15

Researchers Exploit Natural Quirk of Human Vision for Hidden Redirected Walking in VR


Researches from Stony Brook University, NVIDIA, and Adobe have devised a system which hides so-called ‘redirected walking’ techniques using saccades, natural eye movements which act like a momentary blindspot. Redirected walking changes the direction that a user is walking to create the illusion of moving through a larger virtual space than the physical space would allow.

Virtual Reality Will Make Lives Better … Mostly


There is plenty of talk about how social media, artificial intelligence and robots will change our world. Virtual reality has received less attention. Yet more than 1 million headsets were shipped in the third quarter of 2017, and increases in computing power and bandwidth may make this innovation “the next big thing.” As I see it, even if the early generations of the devices disappoint, virtual reality is likely to bring big changes to our daily lives

Best VR Hardware: Choose Your Own Headset


To sum up the worldwide revolution of VR in 2017, we would like to look closely at the major players and make some forecast for 2018. Especially, in the light of the latest news from social virtual reality world. Facebook Spaces, now available not only for its subsidiary Oculus Rift but for HTC Vive owners too, is one example.

Tech Center’s 3D Autism Project a national finalist in Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ contest


For months now, in a digital technology program at Kent Career Tech Center, nearly 40 high schoolers propel themselves into a real-world project in digital design, animation, graphics and game-making — all to help students with autism.

Transcending the Screen: Why Virtual Reality Depends on Volumetric Video


With Ready Player One making its theatrical debut over the Easter weekend, many audience members must be asking themselves how long it’ll take for real virtual reality to reach the level of sophistication depicted in the film. And also, will everything in VR look video gamey, like in Spielberg’s movie?

It’s time to break up with VR


We’ve had some good times, we’ve had some motion sickness, we’ve bumped into a few walls. But after giving you the benefit of the doubt for the past two years, it’s time to throw in the towel. Virtual reality may yet become a massive mainstream hit, but it’s not going to happen with this generation of tech.

Tobii Eye-Tracking On HTC Vive: The Next Evolution Of VR Interaction


It’s been some time since VRFocus first discussed the potential of eye-tracking within virtual reality (VR) with specialists Tobii. In that time we’ve seen the rise of FOVE and NVIDIA’s own internal experiments with SMI, amongst many others, and yet Tobii had stayed on the sidelines. It appears the company was simply biding its time, as now it has announced that it is working with five partners in the VR space, including Qualcomm for the recently revealed head-mounted display (HMD) reference design.

The difference between AR, VR, MR, XR and how to tell them apart


Currently, most video games are played using an input device like joysticks or keyboard and mouse. Actions in the game is communicated to the player through monitors, sound, controller vibrations etc. What this means is that any action the player want to do must first translate into an intermediate step first, which breaks the immersion. In VR, the player controls the game directly using their head, hands and receives the visual and auditory information back through a VR headset. The VR headset provide a larger field of view than most monitors out there. This means the player have direct control and feedback of digital world interaction. The actions are more intuitive and direct.

New Report Highlights Potential Impact of Virtual Reality on Children’s Development


Common Sense, the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology, released a new report today on the potential impact of virtual reality on kids’ cognitive, social, and physical well-being, including VR’s ability to shape the perspectives of young minds.



The industry of AR is a blooming one: It’s actually expected to produce more revenue than VR, and to increase even faster than it in the next years (Digi-Capital.) It is a technology that has come to stay, the new buzzword. It has been slowly integrated into different environments complimenting the entire message that the company or organisation wants to transmit. Along with the Virtual Reality technology, AR is shaping the way the final consumer is receiving the reality. A.R is about overlapping a computer-layer between your eyes and the reality, in order to create a view that augments the real world. It’s that interaction, big or small, that really sets AR gaming apart from conventional mobile gaming and that creates the best augmented reality apps


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