Editors’ picks #24 – New Zealand

Hello everyone! It’s Monday and we are here with ten amazing panos uploaded recently to 360Cities to brigten up the start of your week – let’s have a look!


The Remarkables and Kawarau Falls by Christian Kleiman

This week we start with a short trip to New Zealand, thanks to two amazing panoramas by Christian Kleiman. This is the view you get at The Remarkables, a mountain range pretty close to Queenstown – a town you actually can see pretty well. As well as the amazing sunset!


Sunset on the road at The Remarkables by Christian Kleiman

And one more view from a place not that far away. The sunsets in New Zealand are special, aren’t they?


Eagle’s nest by Marco Dajethy

For another panoramic photo, we have to take a journey all the way to Europe. Sardinia’s rocky cliffs offer hundreds of spectacular skylines and this is certainly one of them – a small piece of rock looming majestically among the crushing sea waves!


Cerro Mocho by Melina Merkle

Melina’s Chilean friend certainly knows how to enjoy special moments like this one – by stopping for a little while, enjoying the quiet world at the top of the Cerro Mocho. Thanks to this pano, you can try the same.


Ice of Baikal Lake by Vadim Balakin

Crystal clear waters of Lake Baikal in Russia offer this amazing view in winter, when the water freezes and the cracks in the ice create some amazing shapes, as if they were drawn by a painter!


Saqqra Temple and Step Pyramid of Djoser by Salma ElDardiry


Luxor-Temple – Courtyard of Amenhotep III by Ruediger Kottmann


De La Salle College of Saint Benilde by Erwinson Gabia


Barbería Pintoresca by Ignacio Borrego Polanco


Soybean Field with Combine Harvester by Rubens Cardia

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