Editors’ picks #29 – The Alps

Hello, everyone! Panoramic photography is cool for one simple reason – it takes you to different places that you can explore without having to get up from your chair. And these are the most wonderful uploaded recently!


1 by Nikon Italia

Italian Alps are amazing, as they are one of the top European destinations for skiers in the winter, while providing magnificent hikes in the summer. Views like this one are the proof – just how many mountain peaks can you count?


Säntis Arena by Frank Ellmerich

From Italy to Switzerland – without leaving the Alps. There’s a bit more nature in this one, a bit more of green. This pano of a lovely valley with a mountain lake looks quite like a painting – it looks unreal!


Tomorrowland 2017 – Main Stage by LittlePlanet.be

Not really nature over here – but it’s some cool stuff as well. Tomorrowland is one of the most popular music festivals in the world and the main stage is one of its biggest icons. You may not be a fan of the music they play there, but you gotta admit it looks magnificent!


Hollywood Walk of Fame by Csaba Legány

Britney Spears, Antonio Banderas, Anthony Perkins, … Do these names sound familiar to you? Sure they do! No surprise they have their place in the most famous sidewalk in the world – The Hollywood Walk of Fame!


The Christ with Open Arms by Victor Imesi

Christ the Redeemer is definitely one of the most famous statues in the world – but did you know there’s more of them? You don’t have to travel very far from the famous one in Rio de Janeiro, as there’s one to find in Pocos de Caldas!


More panos coming your way!


Mercado Modelo De Frutas by Matthias Kunze


Dark and Stormy In The Breezeway by David Nikel


Shevchenkove. Temple of St. Panteleymon by Maxim Ritus


Skylight Cave hornitos, Sisters by William l


Aerial View of Sunset from a Skate Spot at San Pablo City by Mary Elaine Arrieta

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