Atmosphaeres: 360Cities Contributor of the Month – February

Meet Atmosphaeres, a prolific 360º video contributor from Germany who specializes in creating highly immersive, spherical videos that transport viewers to new places and experiences. Their videos focus on capturing the feeling of “being there” in a perfect way.

During the month of February, Atmosphaeres published an impressive 48 videos, eight of which were selected as Editors’ Picks. It’s no surprise that their work has garnered so much attention, as their videos are truly captivating. Whether it’s a boardwalk along Emerald Lake in Plitvice Lakes National Park or a cliff edge overlooking the sandstone escarpments of Saxon Switzerland National Park, Atmosphaeres’ 360º videos transport viewers to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

To give you a better sense of Atmosphaeres’ work, we’ve included a few of their best recent videos in this post. From the sparkling ocean waves of Praia De Area Maior in Galicia, Spain to the gushing waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, each video offers a unique and immersive experience. We encourage you to visit Atmosphaeres’ profile page and explore their amazing 360º videos.