Tour de 360 Cities Panorama Competition is Now in Its 2nd Stage

The tour de 360 Cities panorama competition has moved into its second stage. We are now processing results of the first stage and will announce lucky winners of the Samyang f3.5 8mm fisheye lens and a PTGui Pro license.

The theme for the second stage is ARCHITECTURE which means that any panorama you upload and publish to 360 Cities before December 16th (that’s when the competition ends) that conforms to the architecture theme will get you 1 point in the competition. The main prize for the highest number of points is Nodal Ninja NN5 w/RD16 with EZ-leveler-II. To enter the draw for the second prize (a PTGui Pro license) just upload at least 4 panoramas.

You can participate in the second stage even if you didn’t participate in the first! Points that you received in the first stage don’t get transfered to the second, therefore everybody starts from the beginning in the second stage and everybody has the same chance to win!

Read more info here:

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