Winners of the First Stage of Tour de 360 Cities Panorama Competition

We are happy to announce winners for the first stage of the Tour de 360 Cities competition (the second stage is now in progress).

Samyang fisheye lens winner: Reinhard Schubert (16.5 points)

Reinhard wins a Samyang 8 mm f3.5 fisheye lens (approximately $300 value). Congratulations!

Reinhard has 5 co-authored images that we counted for 0.5 points. That’s why he has such a weird number of points. He’s still the winner, though. We’ll contact him. He’s got 30 days to claim the prize. If he doesn’t, it will be given to the next winner. Read the rules for more information.

PTGui Pro license: Michael Medina

Michael wins a PTGui Professional Licence for stitching panoramic photos (approximately $230 value)


Michael was randomly chosen from all participants who uploaded at least 4 panoramas in the competition. The draw was made using a random number generated by three 360 Cities team members. People that referred a new member to 360 Cities were in the draw twice. It’s just a lucky coincidence that Michael is also in the list below.

360 Cities 2010 Wall Calendar

These people almost won the main prize so we are at least sending them our wall calendar

360 Cities Shop

Dieter Kik (16 points)
Tibor Iles (15 points)
Michael Medina (15 points) – won’t get the calendar because he already won the second prize
Hanz Molenkamp (13 points)
Devill (13 points)

Note: We did have to disqualify some panos in the competition when people didn’t stick close enough to the quality standards regarding stitching, horizon-leveling, etc. In one case, this reduced a member’s score who otherwise would have been a prize winner.

Everybody Wins – Discount Coupons

If you have participated in either stage of the competition, you will all receive a Nodal Ninja and 360 Cities prints discount coupons. We will let you know how to claim them when the competition is over.

Second Stage is Now in Progress

If you didn’t win don’t be sad. The competition is now in it’s second stage with even more valuable prizes.

  • Nodal Ninja NN5 w/RD16 top of the line panoramic head and Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II (approximately $550 + $110 + free shipping = approximately $700 value)

    Nodal Ninja 5 w/ RD16 Rotator
    Nodal Ninja 5 w/ RD16 Rotator

  • Another PTGui Professional Licence for stitching panoramas (approximately $230 value)

Anybody can participate in the second stage, even people who didn’t participate in the first stage. This time you’ve got two weeks to upload panoramas. The competition ends on December 16th after which we announce winners. Good luck!

Read more about the competition

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