Congratulations to The Winners of Tour de 360 Cities Panorama Competition

Here are the winners for the second stage of the Tour de 360 Cities competition. The winners of the first stage of the have been announced here.

Main Prize: Rafael DeVill

Rafael DeVill

Rafael managed to get 54 points according to the rules and wins a Nodal Ninja NN5 w/RD16 top of the line panoramic head and Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II (approximately $550 + $110 + free shipping = approximately $700 value). Congratulations!

Nodal Ninja 5 w/ RD16 Rotator<- click to open the description on Nodal Ninja website

Now there was another participant who also received 54 points: Denny A. Ovchar. Therefore we had to check who of those two potential winners uploaded their panoramas first and we found out that it was Rafael. He managed to upload and publish all his panoramas before the end of December 12th.

Second Prize: Paul Keating

Paul Keating

Paul was randomly selected from all participants by a process overlooked by three 360 Cities team members. In the draw there were all participants who received at least 4 points or referred a new author to 360 Cities. Paul wins a PTGui Professional License for stitching panoramic photos (approximately $230 value)

360 Cities 2010 Wall Calendar Prize

Here are the participants who fought for the main prize but didn’t win. We’re sending calendars to them.

Denny A. Ovchar (54 points)
nt360 (50 points)
Tibor Illes (50 points)
Yavuz Sevimli (46 points)
Jedsada Puangsaichai (44 points)

To claim your prize, write an email to jan.vrsinsky at and put “Calendar Prize” in the subject and send us your mailing address.

360 Cities and Nodal Ninja Discount Coupons

If you have participated in the first or second stage of the competition and you received at least 4 points, you are eligible for getting a 10% Nodal Ninja discount coupon and a 25% discount coupon valid for buying 5 prints at 360 Cities. Please contact jan.vrsinsky at to claim your prize. Enter “Discount Coupon Prize” somewhere in the subject. Make sure you send the message with the same email address that is registered at 360cities. You’ve got 30 days to claim your prize.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you all who participated in the competition!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to The Winners of Tour de 360 Cities Panorama Competition

  1. So a guy is tied for first and gets a calendar, while a random pick gets software. Pretty cheesy – be a mench – send the guy a NN3 kit or something.


    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      In the end, it surely doesn’t look good that somebody who almost won won only a calendar and a random guy wins a PTGUI. I completely agree.

      We’ve exchanged emails with Danny (the unfortunate calendar winner) already about the issue. We’ve offered an apology and a way to resolve this.

      The random winner was supposed to make the competition more interesting for “normal” people who wouldn’t have a chance to upload 50 panos in a week or two. And we’ve seen a lot of people participating just because of this chance. On the other hand, we’ll make sure that the rules are more clear and more fair to the people participating in the future. We hope we made a better job already during the Gigapixel competition in December/January.

      -360 Cities


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