Gigapixel contest FAQ

Here is a short FAQ about the Gigapixel Contest. Be sure to also read the full contest rules.

Do I have to find the items by myself or can I work with other people?

We recommend that you DO work with other people. Only one person from your team should send us the answer. Under the Czech law, you are required to split the prize with any other contributors according to their contributions. We consider 1 item 1 contribution, i.e. 1/30 of the prize shall go to the contributor. However, we will pay the money only to one PayPal account and you are responsible for distribution of the prize or creating a different rule for your contributors. 360Cities assumes no responsibility for intra-team arrangements and only one person (dispatcher of the e-mail and PayPal account holder) will be considered the winner.

If you want people to work together to find the prize, then I can’t win if I try to do it by myself?
You can win if you do it by yourself – but as they say “two heads are better than one”

How do I make a screenshot?
You can follow these instructions (both windows and mac)

My email program won’t let me send 30 attachments!
You can try a different email provider – Gmail for example will work. You can send up to 25MB using gmail, so it will be possible to send 30 screenshots in a single email. Probably other email providers will work too. I know it’s a pain to create a new email address for just this competition, but the alternative is that we have 10 thousand emails, some of them multiple emails from the same person – this is not an option.

I don’t know how to move the image around. Help!
You can ‘click and drag’ your mouse over the image to move it. You can zoom using the “shift” and “control” keys. Or you can use the controls on the left side of the image to move around and zoom.

I found the first 10 items – now I want to be sure I hear about the next clues as soon as you announce it – how can I do this?

You can join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our Blog (via email updates, or RSS). That way, you’ll get the next clues as soon as we publish them.

The items are hard to find? Will you publish any hints?
Yes! We will publish hints about how to find the items via our Facebook page and on Twitter. You won’t get these hints anywhere else. So if you really want to win, we suggest you follow one of these.

I know all the answers. I’ll sell this information to other people or publish it on my webpage.
We can’t stop you from doing that, but that would probably eliminate your chance of winning as only the first person who sends us the 30 correct screenshots can win the prize, so we hope you won’t do that.

I’ll make a group effort with lots of friends, and distribute the prize money to my friends, or to my friends’ friends, etc. if they help me find the answers. Is that ok?
Yes, that’s definitely ok. A recent “treasure hunt” contest was won precisely in this way in fact.

Can I use IM / skype / chat / google wave to make a team?
Yes, that’s probably a good idea.

Can I download the panorama and view it on my computer, offline?

You need to be online to view the image.

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