Rome: Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

Some places in the world get photographed over and over again. On 360 Cities we have a few of these places… It’s interesting to see how different photographers interpret the same place at different times, with different eyes.

Here is Trevi Fountain in Rome as seen by seven different panoramic photographers.

…And while most panoramic photos make you want to go there even more, there are some places where it’s nice to maybe avoid the tourists a little bit, and see it from your own home….

Fontana di Trevi by Jan Vrsinsky

Fontana di Trevi

by Jürgen Diemer

Trevi Fountain Roma

by Fiore Cappone

Roma - Trevi Fountain

by Scott Knauss

Piazza Trevi

by Igor Kristov

Fontana Di Trevi

by Martin Micallef

Trevi Fountain - Rome

by Andrea Biffi

Trevi fountain

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