Interesting articles about VR – week #19

 7 Best VR Headsets on the Market

Virtual reality is gaining more and more importance each week. From VR social, promising us fun in worlds of our choice with friends being thousands of miles away, to real estate tours, and gaming. Let’s not forget of corporate learning and the never ending possibilities of practicing without being exposed to any danger (or doing any damage).

Octane Raceway Opening a $800K Virtual Reality Arena Called Velocity VR

Octane Raceway is a diversified play place in Scottsdale, Arizona known for its extreme kart racing track and other forms of entertainment. Recently, the company has announced that it’ll be adding an additional facility for entertainment with the first free-roam virtual gaming arena called Velocity VR.

Why VR Needs Serialized Content Right Now

After a series of conversations with indie VR shops in recent weeks, it seems safe to say that many of them are suffering from “feast or famine” syndrome when it comes to work. Often a brand or content owner will come to them with a great idea and a tight deadline, expect them to execute on a VR experience, pay them, and then disappear for months — if they ever come back at all.

Top 10 best Google Daydream games You can play now.

Google Daydream is Google’s big move into the VR. As of now, there are only a few devices that are compatible with this impressive technology. And on the top of it, there are still not many games out for this platform. However, markets are gradually getting filled with various Google daydream VR games. And now when you have unwrapped your Google Daydream, we are here with the Top best Google Daydream games that are now available in the market.

This porn star can do anything you want her to

The producer is kneeling on the floor, fully clothed, less than a yard from popular adult actress Annika Albrite. She’s on the couch in a barely-there monokini and a helmet that looks more suited to football than sex. But her moans of ecstasy indicate that whoever is tackling her is a welcome encounter. Yet, if you look closely — and boy is it tempting, given the situation — nothing is between her legs. Not two penises. Not even one.

What is Extended Reality? All you need to know about XR

Extended Reality (XR)  is a newly added term to the dictionary of the technical words. Till date, only a few people are aware of XR, and new people are getting to know about it steadily. Many People have a lot of confusions as to What is Extended Reality and why do we need it? We have here tried to give answers to few such questions of the technology regarding Extended Reality.

Why a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Association can be a Boon for your VR Business

As long as there have been professions, human beings have often seen the need to associate along shared interests. In the past, these were in the form of guilds. Today, they are the modern professional associations representing the numerous professions and endeavours.

Meet the 21-Year-Old Woman Who Is Plotting the Future of VR

It’s a warm morning in March and Jenn Duong is sitting on the stoop of a soundstage pondering the future of virtual reality. “I love interactive virtual reality. I play that all the time, but I think the unique thing is you’re putting someone into a headset right now. I don’t know if it will be this way forever,” she says. “In my dreams, VR and augmented reality [AR] will converge in glasses that are like ours, and we’ll take them on and off.”

Doctors are now waking up to this Virtual Reality

Pushkar V Kulkarni, a 21-year-old engineering graduate from Bengaluru, went under the knife in February to get a two-inch cancerous growth near his hip scooped out. His next step towards recovery was physiotherapy involving a painful set of exercises. To manage pain his doctor prescribed not a bunch of painkiller drugs, but virtual reality.

Facebook Spaces: A new place to hangout

Virtual Reality, a real adventure about the things that are not real and even does not exist at a time. This immersive experience about the virtual world and 3-dimensional objects in 360 degree setups has excited new generation and opened new gateways of global communication. But being in the virtual world cannot be fully realized as more exciting and valuable for present needs if it doesn’t give the freedom of communication to the user. The questions what else we could do when in VR, have prompted the tech giants to make VR experience more responsive and user-friendly at all sensory levels. 


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