Interesting articles about VR – week #20


Business Media Research & Intelligence group SuperData has released the sales figures from all the available virtual reality (VR) headsets on the market, and it comes with no surprise that Samsung Gear VR has taken a lead in Q1 of 2017, with 782,000 headsets sold. The firm also projects Samsung will have sold a total of 6.7 Million headsets by the time 2017 is over.

Nielsen: VR/AR awareness has nearly doubled among US population

The latest instalment of the annual Nielsen Games 360 Report shows a dramatic increase in public awareness of virtual and augmented reality. According to the research firm’s survey, 51% of the general population in the United States has heard of at least one VR or AR device – almost doubt the 28% that responded this way in 2016. Naturally, awareness is higher among those who consider themselves gamers, up from 37% last year to 63%.

One VC traveled to more than 20 different cities to see VR developments in China, and this is what he found

Ryan Wang is the co-founder and general partner of China and San Francisco-based venture capital firm, Outpost VC. He recently presented on VR in China at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality convention in San Jose, California, where he talked about what’s happening with virtual reality in China, his bets on the region, and why the US and China need each other in our new reality. This is an edited transcription of his presentation.

Microsoft Shows AR/VR Concept That Could Revolutionize How We Work

Microsoft owns the enterprise computing space. Windows-powered PCs run a huge portion of the global workforce. Today, the company demonstrated how its Windows Mixed Reality initiative could potentially be used in that massive market.

How to Livestream from Gear VR to Facebook

Livestream is the way to go. This phenomenon has caught the fancy of young generation, who love to live-stream videos from their digital devices. For the last couple of years, users have begun to livestream to Facebook and share videos on Snapchat. A step further, Facebook users can now use Gear VR and livestream it to Facebook. This is amazing, isn’t it? If you are using a virtual reality device, go ahead and livestream from Gear VR to Facebook.

Preview: “No Clue VR”

What makes VR so exciting is how it seems to be able to upturn video games genres that we have been enjoying on a traditional flat screen monitor, making them almost an entirely different game, or even creating/reviving genres, such as wave shooters and room escape. Take Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter for example: Playing it in VR has allows me to dual wield different types of weapons, therefore allowing me to spraying ammunition at 2 separate targets in 2 separate location, so I can be attacking both a witch-harpy and a Gnaar at the same time. The content is still the same as the HD version, but playing it in VR mode allows you to enjoy it in a brand new way.

UK virtual reality firm Improbable raises $500m

A London-based virtual reality firm has raised $500m (£388m) in one of the biggest investments in an early stage European technology business. Japan’s Softbank is backing Improbable in a funding round that values the business at more than $1bn.

Tilt Brush Art Gallery — Cult movie moments in VR

You know Tilt Brush, right? No? It is cool software that lets you paint in the 3D space of virtual reality. In our VR atelier, at etnetera, I saw more than 100 people drawing in VR for the first time (so called vrgins), and it was absolutely amazing how differently people have reacted so far.

Vive outsells Rift — but mobile and console VR outsell both

The high price and lack of must-have content is still holding back the sales of top-end virtual reality systems for PC. SuperData Research, a market-intelligence firm, has shared some of its estimated sales numbers for VR hardware. It claims that Samsung’s Gear VR, which it built in cooperation with Facebook’s Oculus VR, is the best-selling headset by a ratio of more than 2-to-1. Samsung sold 782,000 headsets to consumers in the first quarter of the year worldwide.

2017 Professional 360° and VR Camera Comparison — The Ultimate Chart

Based on the success of our Consumer 360° Camera Comparison, we thought we’d continue the trend and give you an in-depth analysis of the professional hardware as well. This is a market that is constantly innovating and working towards improving pro level software and camera equipment. In terms of content, last week the British band Gorillaz have returned with a bang, promoting their new ‘Humanz’ album. It’s been hailed by the industry as the best 360 VR music video yet.

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